Angel Fire East

Angel Fire East
Word and the Void #3
Terry Brooks
urban fantasy
4 stars

Final Battle of John Ross, Knight of the Word. Finds a gypsy morph, powerful wild magic, and must figure out how to use it for service to the Word.

He dies, but it becomes a baby in Nest Freemarks body.

I could only read a couple of chapters at a time. Sets up perfectly for the upcoming Armageddon’s Children. As a whole, this whole Word & Void series was depressing. The Word creates, the Void destroys. The Word has no hope of ever getting rid of the Void, but the Void feeds on the thot of destroying the Word. I’m sorry he’s tying this into his Shannara series, but it was inevitable I guess.

A Knight of the Word

knightoftheword (Custom)
A Knight of the Word
Word & Void #2
Terry Brooks
Urban Fantasy
2 Stars

this was even more depressing than Running with the Demon. The Word is not even trying to prevail, but simply to hold a vanguard action against The Void. Dualism is a terrible worldview, especially Terry Brooks variety.