♪Finding Constant Posters ♪is Hard to Do♪

Every time I read a book, I tend to go through the WordPress Search bar to see if anyone has reviewed either that book or that author. I usually get a ton of hits and a lot of blogs to go through.

And that’s where things get frustrating.

90% of the time, the poster isn’t posting anymore OR it was a one off and they actually read Romance/YA all the time [I’d rather read non-fiction all the time than those 2 genres]. I am always on the lookout for new people to follow, as “Life” takes its toll and the people I follow take breaks or stop or seriously slow down.  Blogging does a good job of weeding out those who aren’t Committed to the Cause [kind of like the Marines, but different, you know?] But the process of weeding those other people out involves me investing my time and effort into those blogs. And when they stop, it feels like I wasted that time. Not that I think that I’ve actually wasted my time or that the blogger has. But it “feels” that way.

What really gets me is when I find someone who has been posting SFF reviews for books that I love and when I go to their page, they haven’t posted in 2 months. It is like one of those “Missed Connections” on Craigslist. Which by the way, are hilarious to read.

Man, it is a good thing it is Friday or I’d be calling in the Whine Police on myself…