Way back when, many moons ago, I went DotCom to get rid of the ads on my site and to see if the ego boost was worth it. Sadly, I had so many unsolved problems with following myself and some other people that I gave up. It only took me Six Months to Decide to Un-Dotcom ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I’d heard about Site Scalpers, jackasses who buy up recently unused site names and jack the price up for those idiots who have remorse and want their site back. Well, I kept an eye out to see if any jackasses did that to Of course they did, because they’re jackasses. When I first checked was being offered for $3,000. what a bunch of idiots. Over the months it has steadily dropped until recently it was available for just under $700. What a deal, eh? I just had to roll my eyes. What do these jackasses take me for, some jamoke right off the turnip truck?

Anyway, that’s pretty much the end. I just needed to get some words out and I found this whole situation amusing. Kind of. Because I hate speculators and I’d gladly take Jimbo the Desperado’s hatchet to appropriate parts of their anatomy, virtual or otherwise.

Jimbo says “Just say no to jackasses

[Go-Bag] Jimbo the Desperado!

…. or so he would like the world to think anyway. He wanted an eyepatch but Mr Zip put his foot down and told him no. We don’t do theatrics and cheap tricks on this blog to get attention, no sirree!

The reality is that Jimbo is just a prepper monkey who wants to impress his poo flinging friends. Deep down he knows that nothing he says will change their minds and they will be flinging poo at each other right up until they freeze to death or the grizzly bear eats them. This makes Jimbo very sad and when he’s sad, he mopes. So I asked him what could I get him, in regards to prepper supplies, that might help cheer him up. His response was instantaneous. A hatchet and a straight edge kabar knife. My manipulationometer went off the charts :-/

This is a kabar d2 extreme fighting knife. D2 refers to the steel used. D2 steel has high chromium content, making it harder and longer lasting. It is also more resistant to corrosion than regular steel making it an ideal material for a knife. A good knife is one of the most utilitarian items you can own. All the way from self-defense to simply cutting a rope, a knife’s got you covered Jimbo insisted I buy 2, one for the 3day go-bag and one to use at work to give it a work out. Anything you put in a go-bag you had better have tested beforehand. Jimbo lives by this mantra. Smart monkey.

. The second item Jimbo requested was a hatchet. While a hatchet has a narrower field of focus than a knife, it also allows you to deal with bigger items, like small trees or broken power poles fallen across the road. You can also use it to cut kindling for a fire, use the butt end as a light hammer to setup a tent and as an emergency entry maker (ie, chop through a door to an abandoned house). Because Jimbo’s a hardass with his mantra, I’m going to be using the hatchet over at W.C. Bombfunk’s this summer to split wood. The hatchet has a hollow handle and I’m not sure how that will feel.

Jimbo tells me that every 3day go-bag needs the following:

  • Water
  • Fire
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • The Bag Itself

I’ve got the food aspect covered (all those Survival Saturday posts came in handy!) with whey milk, granola and oatmeal. We’ll see about adding beans and rice. I’ve got the bag and shelter and am working on fire and water. Our plan is to have a bag that will allow us to hike 20 miles to W.C. Bombfunk’s place in case of an emergency. While neither of us are grossly obese, neither do we regularly walk long distances. We’re counting on 2 days for that 20 miles so we don’t end up in pain. I’m hoping to test out various items during the summer and report back for how they work and whether they’re going to go in our go-bag or not. I suspect this will turn into a series of posts like the Survival Saturday series.

Jimbo’s ready to bring his A-Game to this series of posts and really hopes you’ll enjoy them. Mr Zip just rolled his eyes at his naivete and went back to eating his buckets of chicken fingers.

Gandalf Would Be Proud Of Me

Gandalf: “Bookstooge, now you are the Master and I the Student!”

The other month I wrote a post about how Louis L’Amour would have been ashamed of me. Well, this month I think I can more than make up for that. I have been interested in walking sticks for some time but it has only been in the last 5 or 6 years that that interest has been anything but purely intellectual.

My first “staff” was actually just a stave of diamond wood. Diamond wood is an artificial substance that is wicked strong, won’t bend or break and can take a beating and keep on going. The stave was actually meant to be cut up for other purposes but I figured it was good enough. How wrong I was. This thing was almost an inch and a half in diameter and was heavy, heavy, heavy. While it might have been great if you needed to break someone’s skull, it was NOT good for walking around. It was quickly relegated to a corner by the coat rack and forgotten about.

My next attempt was a locally made walking stick that I bought at the Pumpkin Festival. An old gentleman made them himself and would then sell them at the festival each year. I am very thankful I picked this up because after that year we never saw him again. It is very light, has some nice crooks and turns to it and has been sealed so it won’t rot away. It also has one of those 99cent compasses in the top of the handle in case I ever get lost and need to find my way to the North Pole. My biggest issue with this staff is that there is a very small crook at the top where you hold it and that angles my wrist and makes it hurt if I use it for than 15minutes. I’ve tried hold it lower but my hand just naturally keeps sliding up to that crook.

For our X wedding anniversary Mrs B and I attended the Highland Games in New Hampshire a couple of years ago. It was blustery and cold and bordering on rainy so while Mrs B attended some tented cooking thingy, I took a walk around and looked at all the knickknacks to buy. One seller had a whole rack of staves on display and I ended up picking this one and it has served me well. It fits my hand well, is just the right height and weight for me and solid enough that I can give someone a good solid “thwack” without worrying that it’ll break on the first swing. If we ever go to the Highland Games again I’ll be sure to pick up another. Because you just can’t be too prepared.

Here’s a picture of all 3 next to each other for comparison..