Project X – V

For all the bionic details about what led to the Creation of Project X, please visit the Intro Post. Itโ€™s totally worth six million bionic dollars.


A while ago Mrs B and I went on a Vacation down to Georgia to visit the family. Ahhh, good times. I do wish we could have a vacation like that every year. It would be a big stress reliever for sure.


Villains are like poop; necessary but only those with severe issues actually like them. If you see someone smearing poop around, I’d hope you would knock them down, tie them up and call the cops. I feel that way about people who praise those who are villains. When movies come out with the main character being a villain, it makes me want to shoot someone. But since I’m not a villain, I don’t.

Of course, now that I’ve said that, you should go watch Villain Pub. It’s pretty funny ๐Ÿ˜‰

And that is it for this week. Stay tuned for our next episode, . Where Whether to Weather the Weather will be the main topic of discussion. Exciting stuff!

The Bookstooges on Vacation, Part Ace

Vacation has been great so far. The flights down to Georgia went as smooth as could be. Saturday we went to the Hiram SDA church for Sabbath and then my sister and her partner came over for the afternoon/evening and we visited for some time. Sunday we went over to their house and hung out by the pool all afternoon. After a late dinner we rolled home and rolled into bed.

My sister and her partner both have rescue dogs. The little guy’s name is Benjamin and he’s about the size of both my fists. He’s a tiny little guy and I just wanted to pick him up and throw him in the pool like a football. Thankfully, I resisted temptation. Buggy, on the other hand, is a pit and not a tiny little guy. He’s as friendly as a pooch and would practically beg you to throw his rubber bone into the pool so he could go chasing after it. Of course, then he’d come back and shake himself right next to you, so you had to decide if it was worth it ๐Ÿ˜€

Monday we went to the Atlanta Aquarium. We all met at 9am and caravaned into the metropolis. We got inside a bit after 10am. I was done by 11:15am. After that I sat on a bench and let others do their thing. We got home a bit after 2pm. I took a nap because I was tired out from being around so many people. And that was WITH the aquarium having a strict covid protocols for how many people could be inside at once. I don’t think I could have done it otherwise. Here’s a gallery of a pix:

And now, it is 5pm Monday afternoon. I am sitting on a wonderful couch, drinking a Rockstar, looking at blue sunny skies out the window. Tomorrow is going to be a Do Nothing kind of day. So far, this vacation has met, and exceeded, every possible expectation I’ve had. I don’t want to brag, but I think we’re the King and Queen of Vacation right now.

this block editor? still not liking it.