The Red Knight

The Red KnightThe Red Knight

Traitor Son Cycle #1

Miles Cameron

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


The first 20% was all 2Star.

The swearing, the eff word being dropped at least once a page, the unspoken assumption that you just raped nuns because they were available, the complete baseness of the mercenary troop, it really disgusted me.

I think it was supposed to. But I don’t have to be dipped into a cesspool to know it stinks something terrible. So that was very disappointing.

Then a switch was flipped, and whammo, the swearing stopped, people started showing the tiniest bit of good character and the action kicked way up.

4star stuff for the rest of the book. It was a cool magic system, a really interesting world, and the characters’ interactions were more than believable.

But if 10pounds of milk chocolate are coated in 1pound of crap, you’re still screwed.

When the next book comes out, I’ll at least start it and hope Cameron doesn’t sink me into the mire.