How Do YOU Find New Blogs to Follow?

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In 2019 I saw several of the blogs I followed pretty much go into a death spiral. In several cases, Life simply happened and they didn’t have the oomph to keep up with one more hobby. Others faded away for no apparent reason.  For me, once a blog stops posting for a month with no warning, I stop following them.  I also have an optimized number that works for me in regards to how many people I can follow intelligently and not get overwhelmed.  I have to admit, I was hoping that several of the blogs would make a come back but it is March and it hasn’t happened.

I assume that you all have to deal with the same problem of blogs just disappearing over time and that you replenish your supply. How do YOU do that?

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The Eye of Bookstooge Roams to and fro across the Earth

I am NOT looking for ways to entice people to follow me. I have enough followers and feel very comfortable with the numbers I get each month, so I’m not looking to expand my blog’s audience. I could just use another 5-10 people to follow who post several times a month in the SFF area and hopefully mostly about books.  If you have any thoughts, let me know.

“The Churn”, which is what I call the falling off of bloggers, is just getting to me at the moment.




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