Star Wars: Choices of One

511blgb5tpl._sx106_Choices of One
Star Wars
by Timothy Zahn
Ebook, 384 Pages
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Zahn brings some much needed polished writing to the Star Wars universe. I actually put the book down when I got tired so that I would be able to understand what he was writing.[and yes, that is a good thing]

I had fun reading this, a bit more than I had reading Star Wars Allegiance, not sure why though. Seemed to have more action than I remember in Allegiance.

Glad I bought this one…

Domino Pattern

Domino Pattern
Quadrail #4
Timothy Zahn
4 Stars
epub, 229 pages

this confirms it. Zahn is officially trying his hand at the mystery genre while staying in Scifi. Overall, it reminded me of the Asimov book Caves of Steel. It was well written, interesting, kept moving along without getting hung up on inconsequential details and ended well while at the same time setting up BIG things for the future.

So now Compton and friends are in league with a modhri. And it looks like the big bad aliens who ruled for a millennium or more a long time ago are coming back.

Zahn ratchets up the threat level in each book. I have to wonder if he is contracted to write “x” number of books in this series? I just hope it ends well. This is a good solid addition to a Zahn library. I enjoyed it more than Third Lynx or Odd Girl Out.


Dragonback #6
Timothy Zahn
4 Stars
364 Pages, paperbook

The finale to the DragonBack series.

Jack and Draycos, along with others, save the fleet of immigrants and in the process figure out that a Human/K’da pairing are immune to the Death ray. All the badguys get defeated after much daring-do and Jack ends up as the Ambassador to the new colonists, who have been given a world by the rich guy, who turns out to be Alison’s grandfather.

This was a good YA series. Fantastic Zahn.