The Godborn (The Sundering #2) (Erevis Cale) (Forgotten Realms)

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Title: The Godborn

Series: The Sundering

Author: Paul Kemp

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Battle Axes

Genre: SFF

Pages: 336





100 years after the previous Erevis Cale book, his son is being raised by monks of the god of light. Cale is still frozen in hell and the dark goddess Shar is still trying to end the world. Riven is taking Mask’s place and Rivalen is still trying to free Shar.

The end of the world is in Vasen’s hands [Cale’s son] but can he do it?


My Thoughts:

This was a good wrap up to Erevis Cale’s story. While he is less than a 2d character, at least he is present and things get wrapped up.

Vasen isn’t a bad character, but he just doesn’t get time to grow on us. Erevis had 6+ books, Vasen not even one.  This is not a good standalone book, as it won’t make much sense without those 6 Erevis Cale books to lay the foundation. I don’t think you need to have read the previous Sundering book however.

So a pretty good book if you’re an Erevis Cale fan but otherwise, just a blase Forgotten Realms book.