The Magicians

The Magicians
The Magicians #1
Lev Grossman
2 Stars
Epub, 390 Pages

a 17 year old is taken to an academy where he finds out magic is real and he has the gift. A coming of age story, but from the viewpoint of someone who is self-centered. All he wants is to be happy, but he is always thinking the next “thing” will make him happy. Ends with him realizing he has to make his own happiness, or some such thing. It started out really cool, but then kept descending into a depressing swirl of meaninglessness. A good look at someone with power who has no anchor point, no real meaning with their life. Not recommended.

While I enjoyed aspects of this story, the perceived Narnia bashing that went on almost non-stop just ruined it for me.

I don’t know if Grossman hated C.S. Lewis, or just Narnia, but it comes across as if Grossman couldn’t have what Lewis created, so he ruins it for others by twisting it and retelling a story with that twist.