Green: The Beginning and the End (The Circle #0 & #4)


The Circle #0 & #4

Ted Dekker

1 Star



Just couldn’t get into it. Felt like I was reading some sort of “oh well, might as well write more” kind of book.

Now I want to go re-read the Circle Trilogy to see if it is what I remember it to be.

Update- I have good memories of the Circle Trilogy, so I am going to leave those alone…


White: The Great Pursuit (The Circle #3)


The Circle #3

Ted Dekker

4 Stars

370 Pages


finishes up the series. Thomas dies in our world, giving his blood as the antidote, but in the other world, Rachelle dies, and a year later he meets the daughter of Qurong[Tanis] and falls in love and sacrifices everything[or so he thinks] to gain her. A picture of Justin’s love for them, His bride. The books? They are not a precursor, but the real deal. Showdown is a direct sequel to this series in dealing with the Books of History. Now I want to go read it again.

Red: The Heroic Rescue (The Circle #2)


The Circle #2

Ted Dekker

4 Stars

381 Pages


the adventure continues. In the Forest world, 15 years pass, in which Thomas becomes a warrior and defends the enclaves. The Enclaves fall, and Ellyon[God] comes as a man and saves a small remnant. In “our” world, Thomas saves Monique, but her antivirus doesn’t appear to work and Thomas is shot by Carlos, point blank in the head and has been dead for 3 days when the book ends. I like Dekker. The “Books of History” are precursors to the books in Showdown. I find it interesting to see authors who use and reuse specific ideas and whatnot.

Black: The Pursuit of Evil (The Circle #1)


The Circle #1

Ted Dekker

4 Stars

408 Pages


Thomas Hunter, the main character, goes between worlds in his sleep and perceives each as a dream of the other. In one world, our world, it is 2010 and a virus is about to be released that will destroy all humanity unless the demands of the evil villain, the only one with a vaccine, are met. In the other world, the world is divided between good and evil. An unfallen world in the good side, where the “first man” is tempted to fight the evil, on its own terms, and he loses, dooming his world to terrible slaughter, with only 7 enclaves of safety. And that is where Black ends. I am looking forward to the next 2, Red & White.