Bearers of the Black Staff

Bearers of the Black Staff
Legends of Shannara #1
Terry Brooks
3 Stars
Epub, 336 Pages

taking place after the Genesis of Shannara trilogy. 500 years later, the ward of protection Hawk placed wears out. The valley has split into factions, mainly based on species, but the world outside has survived too, albeit, all the nasty strong things. Inside the Knights of the Word devolved into outcasts who forgot their history. Follows 2 humans, both who have magic potential, as the valley is about to be invaded by trolls. One of the them is a candidate for the blackstaff and it looks like he will probably be the founder of the wizards. Typical Brooks, with nothing stunning, but nonetheless, an interesting story, mainly because we want to know how things get to the world of The Sword of Shannara.

Recycled material. So no real surprises.

But even with that, quite a good read. I found it more enjoyable than the last 2 Genesis of Shannara books.

Magic Kingdom for Sale – Sold!


Magic Kingdom for Sale – Sold!

Magic Kingdom of Landover #1

Terry Brooks

308 Pages

3 Stars


A man who is widowed, “buys” a Magic Kingdom because he has nothing left to live for. Ends up saving the Kingdom and himself. Isaac Demme pointed out that this Landover series was not good because there was no depth to the characters and that we only enjoyed the first one because it was all new. Since this is my 3rd or 4th time reading this, I was looking to disprove that. Sadly, I couldn’t. A good read, as long as you don’t read any of the following 🙂