Candle of Distant Earth

Candle of Distant Earth
Taken #3
Alan Foster
2 stars
262 pages

The gang all make home to their respective homeworlds. However, Walker and George both decide, just as they find our solar system, that they have “grown” and that now they want to travel. Gee, wish they had decided that before they set out with a whole fleet! And the Villinji who kidnapped them and has been chasing them, well, what do you know? He has a sudden change of perspective and sees that maybe other sentients aren’t just “goods” to be sold. How heartwarming .

Foster forced this ending and it didn’t fit with everything that had gone on before. Glad I never bought these.

The Light-Years Beneath My Feet

The Light-Years Beneath My Feet
Taken #2
Alan Dean Foster
3 stars
245 pages

the second in the Taken Trilogy. The four friends go to another planet since Marc is now a chef. End up meddling in politics to further their journey home. Still pursued by the aliens that originally kidnapped them. Ends with them leaving for a part of the galaxy that “might” be familiar with one of the non-terran aliens. Nice and light and not crass like the first.