Steal the Sky (The Scorched Continent #1)


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Title: Steal the Sky
Series: The Scorched Continent #1
Author: Megan O’Keefe
Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Genre: SFF
Pages: 448
Format: Kindle digital edition



A lighter than air substance, the basis of the power for most nations, can be found on the Scorched Continent. One city in particular is being brought into the Empire.

One law enforcement officer is trying to stop a military butcher from being elected governor. A former lord and his “servant” are running from the Empire because it uses those who have power of the substance and said lord has great power of it.

Throw in another power user who is out for revenge and things just get messy, very quickly.


My Thoughts: 

I would like to thank Irresponsible Reader for initially bringing this to my attention.

Unfortunately, I wanted to like this much more than I actually did. I think the most positive thing I can say is that it reminds me of a mediocre  Wax & Wayne story by Sanderson.

It had all of the elements that I could like. A roguish lord who is more powerful than he lets on. A sidekick who makes the quips and yet keeps the lord under control. A strong police woman who is trying to keep order. A blood thirsty military genius who is playing games and counter games. A driven mother who wants the death of those who killed her son.

There were times where the direction of the story or a revelation just came from sidewise and completely caught me off guard. It also didn’t help that while this is the first book in the story, there is a lot of previous history about the characters, that they mention in passing. Kind of like listening in on 2 old school chums who’ll say something like “boofer” and burst out laughing because of a shared experience. It isn’t very nice to be on the outside looking in. And it just dragged.

I’ve got the second book on my tbr list. However, while this wasn’t bad by any means, it wasn’t nearly good enough for me to continue. Maybe if it was a Forgotten Realms book or some such, I could continue but for a “serious” SFF book, I expect more if I’m going to continue.



Clockwork Century #1
Cherie Priest
Steam Punk
2 Stars
DTB, 416 Pages

an inventor’s machine runs amok, releasing a gas from the ground which turns people into zombies and in the process dies. So Seattle is walled in. Now, the man’s son goes back into the city to clear his father’s name. His mother, who knows what her husband was really after, chases after him to rescue him.

Very much more of the mother’s story is told than the young man’s. Kill zombies, meet people, go through horrible experiences, bond and come out the other side all energized to live life to the fullest.

This wasn’t a horrible story, just dumb. As for the over-arching elements in it, ie, Steampunk overall, please visit the following blogpost to see what I really think of Steampunk.

I now know I don’t like steampunk. But I didn’t when I read this. So I AM slightly biased against this. But it is still dumb.

Steampunk- An Indepth & Erudite Essay…

Basically, Steampunk is a sub-par genre, literary wise, and, in the broadest of terms, is for complete losers and pot heads.

Machinery should be sexy, quiet, deadly. Not clunky, dirty, loud, prone to break at a moments notice. Machinery should be like a mountain, it simply is. It should NOT be like the pile of steaming poo you just stepped in, thanks to your neighbor not taking care of their misbegotten wretch of a walking chinese meat dish.

Gasmasks, zombies, airships and burrowing machine monstrosities are all SEPARATE things, and should NOT be combined. Gasmasks belong in WWI or WWII history books. Zombies belong in either ultra-violent, ultra-poorly written slasher books or ultra-modern scientific fiction. Airships should stay in blurbs about the Hindenburg. And digging machines, well, they belong off planet, in the FUTURE!

So, Skynet, if you ever read this, forget John Connor. For the love of efficiency, come back and kill of the creators of Steampunk. Maybe we humans will then embrace you as an enlightened sentient being. I know I will!