Beyond Varallan

Stardoc II: Beyond VarallanBeyond Varallan

Stardoc #2

S.L. Viehl

My rating: 1 of 5 stars


I was hoping that Viehl would move beyond the rape in a tasteful way.

But about 40 pages in, Cherijo tries to jump Reever’s bones, and thinks of their “previous time” [ie, the rape scene in book one] as something sexually stimulating.

What kind of sick author is Viehl? The victim of rape is saying it was good for her too? In most cases of rape, the victim reacts 1 of 3 ways:

1)They blame themselves and turn inward.
2)They say it doesn’t matter and then become sexual predators, of a sort, themselves
3)They can’t accept what happened, and so think of it as a good experience, ie, deny reality.

Cherijo exhibits classic symptoms of a psychologically broken woman.

And I’m supposed to enjoy reading about this? This is sick, sick, sick. Shame on Viehl.



Stardoc #1

S.L. Viehl

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


This was on a very quick path to 5Stars.

A young woman is fleeing her home and Earth, as her father, who is a brilliant and controlling surgeon, has her life all planned out for her.
She flees to a small colony to be part of the medical team. A colony made up of mostly non-Terrans, as humans are called. Did I mention that the controlling father is a leader in a Terrans Only group?

So the young daughter begins her work. Lots of adventures, some romance and then a very large catastrophe on an epidemic level. Which proceeds to an even larger personal crisis for our intrepid heroine.

The story ends with some seriously weird info being revealed. Really made me want to rush out and read the next book. But I didn’t. For the following reasons.

1)There is one scene where she and her new lover consumate their love. It was explicit and did nothing to make the story better. It was for pure titillation and “sex sells”. I was disappointed it had been added, but would have gone on to the next book, if it weren’t for the next reason.

2) There is a graphic rape scene. This is what really turned me off from this book. The reasons for why it happened are explained. But the graphicness of it, the reactions of those involved, just made me feel dirty. I had to stop reading for several days before I could go back and finish the story.

So I will be reading the next book at some time in the future, but Viehl is on serious probation. There had better be NOTHING I don’t like in the next book for me to continue the series past Book 2.