The Last Command

coverThe Last Command

Star Wars: Thrawn #3

Timothy Zahn

4 Stars


Ok, I enjoyed this. It wrapped up VERY quickly though. As was reading along, I kept waiting for things to fall apart for the badguys, and they do, but not until almost the last chapter.

It reminded me of the Original Trilogy. Man, I wish this trilogy would be made into a movie trilogy. Oh well.

And I think Zahn does an admirable job of writing about things that he has no history with and makes it work. Things that are gone over much later in the EU books. Cloning, the force, cloning jedi,Borsk Feyla [Oh, how I hate that scumbag Bothan!], MARA JADE!

Damn you Lucas Books People for killing her off, the twins.

So many things are started here in this trilogy that the EU uses, that to be honest, these books are almost more important to the EU than the original movie trilogy is. ’nuff said.

Dark Force Rising

Dark Force RisingDark Force Rising

Star Wars: Thrawn #2

Timothy Zahn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


You know, upon re-reading this, it wasn’t as great as I remembered when I was in my ‘teen/20’s.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a great Star Wars book [well, with competition like Dark Nest Trilogy, that doesn’t mean QUITE so much]. It is also classic Zahn. I’ve come to realize that Zahn doesn’t do action real well. That is not his strongpoint. Ideas, character interaction and cool ideas are however.

And these aren’t NEW anymore. When these came out, Episode 1 hadn’t come out. The Clone Wars cartoon didn’t exist. There weren’t 200+ already written Star Wars books. So this fed the Beast Within. Now? No matter how good a meal is, it ALWAYS tastes better when you are hungry. I’m filled up. The last 20’ish years have seen me glutted, on the good and the bad.

I think that is a good thing because it means that Zahn laid down a foundation that has held up the EU even through some seriously stinky novels [Darksaber, oh my goodness, make me puke RIGHT NOW!].

Heir to the Empire

Heir to the Empire

Star Wars: Thrawn #1

Timothy Zahn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Been 14 years since I read this. I remember being blown away when I first read this. Probably helped that this was nearly my first Star Wars book [after Mr Twincest himself’s book, poor guy].

This time I read it with a much vaster repertoire of books read under my belt. It was still a very good book. But it wasn’t incredible.

Zahn does a fantastic job of creating the characters like how you would expect them to be after the Trilogy. So many foundations of the EU are introduced and laid down in this book and the rest of the trilogy. It almost makes me cry. Especially when considering the Kataana Fleet [mentioned in this book] and how Mr. Mccube Dowel completely gutted that story with his horrible Black Fleet trilogy. [If I’m mixing up authors/series, feel free to correct me in the comments section and I’ll fix it. I just don’t care enough right now to go look it up].

Mara. To me, that sums up Zahn’s highest achievement with this book. Even greater than Thrawn imo.