Star Wars: The Old Republic

Drew Karpyshyn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


This was on par with Fatal Alliance in terms of overall enjoyment.

I was disappointed with how the Jedi leader, the Army commander and the main character all interacted. Trained professionals, all 3, but they acted like me when my blood sugar is dangerously low, ie, EXTREMELY STUPID. It just didn’t fit.

I liked the whole super-bad-ship takedown part though.


Star Wars: The Old Republic
by Drew Karpyshyn
Ebook, 272 Pages
My rating: 2 of 5 stars


This was pedantic and the worst video game tie in so far. Completely put me off the Old Republic sub-series since it is NOTHING but a money grab.

No good story. And that was what was really disappointing. Karpyshyn did some good work with Bane, but Revan and Co just stank of cardboard and the green stench of a cash cow.


Star Wars: The Old Republic
Paul Kemp
Epub-348 pages
3 Stars

Another stand alone novel in the Old Republic era. Basically a Sith engineers the downfall of Coruscant, only to have it be taken away by political intrigue by his sith ‘allies’. he kills a jedi master and that Master’s former padawan, now a Jedi Knight, comes to Coruscant to take revenge. There is a side story about some smuggler and his crippled daughter.

Overall, the last Old Republic book I’ll be buying. It was so blase and the characters had no time to get any real depth. It felt like the Star Wars universe was turning into a Forgotten Realms kind of place. Hack and Slash writing with completely forgettable characters.

Knight Errant

Star Wars: The Old Republic
John Miller
Epub-310 pages
2 Stars

Follows one young jedi knight who is stranded in the Sith empire. She runs around causing havoc and ends up rescuing a bunch of kids while facing down several different sith lords. Very abrupt shifts from sith lord to sith lord. Felt forced and I didn’t really enjoy it.

A razor thin plot with forced jumps from one sith lord/action scene to another. Kerra Holt is a pathetic excuse for a jedi character and she seems to really be skirting the darkside edge, with all her anger and hate. Miller needs to stick to his short stories and leave the novels to those who can handle it.