The Force Unleashed II

The Force Unleashed II
Star Wars
Sean Williams
1 Star
Epub, 295 Pages

a blase sequel. Starkiller is either resurrected or successfully cloned [even though it is stated, and shown in other novels, that Jedi clones never turn out ok.] Thankfully there was enough stuff happening that the stupid characters didn’t get in the way. Ends with Starkiller and his lady friend running off. It doesn’t make sense, so powerful a force user unsensed by the Emperor and not completely hunted down by Vader. The story was weak, Starkiller is an extremely 2d character and while there are cameos of future greats, they come across as the sops to fans that their appearance really is. Books like this are what will destroy the Star Wars line.

The Force Unleashed

The Force Unleashed
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed #1
Sean Williams
1 star
319 pages

based upon the videogame of the same name. A nameless secret apprentice of Darth Vader’s ends up helping to create the rebellion.

This book was yet another good reason why most games don’t make good books. This read like a game. Go here, do this, go there, do that. The character development was pretty nil. The contradictions in this story were huge, imo. A sith apprentice who easily switches over to the light? He changed the course of a StarDestroyer for goodness sake, with darkside power. That should have twisted him beyond recognition.

It was just one big piece of crap. I didn’t enjoy reading it and am glad it is not the beginning of a series, for I would have to skip it.