Control Point

Control PointControl Point

Shadow Ops #1

Myke Cole

My rating: 1 of 5 stars


I was REALLY looking forward to this book. Big Vin Diesel looking guy on the front and X-MEN splashed all over it. Guns and magic.

And then I read it. And by page 40 came my first disappointment:
Oscar Britton is a black man.
Now, it is not what you think, at least if you’re not just a liberal leaning judgmental douchebag.
The cover of the book showed the main character as white.
I was disappointed because the author didn’t stand up for his character. I know that many covers don’t portray what is in the book, or do distort it, but this was just sad.

I read about a character who is supposed to be a Lt. in the military. Being a Lt means he was supposed to have some experience under his belt.
What I got was a hot head who couldn’t, or even worse, refused to think about his actions and what they would mean and their consequences.

Oscar KILLS his dad because he runs home when his powers manifest. Instead of thinking, or even being afraid of hurting others, he puts himself first. Oscar Britton is the true form of the Selfers. I can understand him not trusting the SOC, or even running, but the actions he took deliberately put other people into danger.

Then, after that, even when he is given the opportunity to train and learn about his power, he just keeps reacting. When he frees the psycho chick, and she kills everyone around and turns on him, he acts surprised. Well DUH!

I guess I couldn’t stand the fact that EVERY major decision Britton makes is simply a reaction based on either only his emotions, or incomplete data or both.

It was really more like reading about a young teenager than a grown man in the military.