Mentats of Dune (Schools of Dune) (Dune)

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Title: Mentats of Dune

Series:  Schools of Dune #2

Author: Kevin Anderson & Brian Herbert

Rating: 2 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 448



A direct sequel to Sisterhood of Dune. The Mentats are truly coming into their own while placed between the battles of the Anti-Technologist Jihadis and Venport and his newly birthed Spacing Guild.

At the same time Vorian Atreides is whining and whinging his way across the universe trying to make up with his several generations removed family. And the despicable Harkonnens set in motion the feud that will consume both families.

And lots of other bits and bobs.


My Thoughts:

This book got the “trash” tag. Not because the grammar or writing was crap, but because Anderson and Herbert are so small minded that they can’t write anything in the Dune Universe without ruining it with their banality.

I’ve read all the sequels/prequels and forgiven this Duo quite a bit, but this was just crap. Many, many instances of something about to happen, chapter ends, then the aftermath 2-3 chapters later, while the actual event isn’t written about.

It was a deliberate choice, but it was a poor choice and made them look like the posers they are.

I am a big Frank Herbert Dune fan. Which is why I judge these more harshly than if they were just some random SFF books. These are money makers and it shows.  And as I’ve said before, these 2 authors don’t even make one half of the writer that Frank Herbert was.

Not recommended.

Sisterhood of Dune

11754793Sisterhood of Dune
Schools of Dune #1
by Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson
Ebook, 448 Pages
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


This was more enjoyable than Paul of Dune and I think I enjoyed it a little more than The Winds of Dune.

However, I was/am also reading Heretics of Dune, so was able to contrast directly between Brian Herbert/Kevin Anderson and Frank Herbert. It was just sad.

Sisterhood is just an adventure scifi story that could either stand on its own or be part of a duology or [heaven forbid!] a trilogy. Things, exciting things sometime, happen. But I honestly cannot say that I would find this book [along with all the rest of the H&A’s Dune stuff] interesting if I wasn’t already enthralled by the original Dune Saga by Frank.

The enjoyment from this book came from seeing the fleshing out of Frank’s ideas and not from the actual authors writings or ideas. And while H&A might be laughing all the way to the bank, we the fans know that they are simply riding the coattails of a much better author.

So enjoy all the stuff by H&A [and I plan on continuing to read what they put out], but realize they are the dollop of sour cream on top of the chili. It enhance the food, but it is NOT the meal.