The Birth of the Dread Remora

The Birth of the Dread RemoraThe Birth of the Dread Remora

Scattered Earth #1

Aaron Rosenberg

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


I liked this, but really wanted to like this more. Unfortunately, it was just too simplistic.

A barely technological underwater society sees a great light. And builds a spaceship without ANY idea of what “space” is.
That isn’t so much a problem. What is a problem is that once in space, these explorers become almost instant experts at navigating, fighting and cluge’ing things together.
Once a problem is solved, it is forgotten about, like it can never come back.

Good for the very young adult or a precocious pre-teen. Who will probably have fond memories, and try to re-read it when they are older, and be greatly disappointed…