The Devil’s Hand

The Devil’s Hand
Robotech: The Sentinels #1
Jack McKinney
2 Stars
Epub, 133 Pages

about the SDF3 going off into space before the Masters came to earth. Lots of characters from the Macross saga along with a host of new ones. Minmei is still around sadly, and Rick, even though married to Lisa, hasn’t got much of a spine. Will see how this sub series turns out.

About the same level as the Macross saga. So Minmei is as spoiled and selfish and useless as ever. Rick is as dashing, spineless and brave as ever and Lisa is as dependable and rock solid as ever.
Then the new bad guys, made me roll my eyes. If I had been Rick Hunter, I would have shot all the southern cross contingent and continued with just the RDF people. Would have solved a lot of problems 🙂