The Compass of the Soul

The Compass of the Soul
River into Darkness #2
Sean Russell
3 Stars
353 pages

whew. This was SLOW! Just like McKillip has her own unique style, so does Russell it appears. It is definitely not for everyone and I am hesitant to read any more of his stuff. 

Basically, Eldrich [the mage] stops the last of the Tellerites [rogue mages who want the arts to continue] and uses tons of people to gain this end. 

A sad and melancholic story. Not nearly as enthralling as the Swan’s War trilogy.


River into Darkness #1
Sean Russell
2 Stars
451 pages

The last of the mages who is determined to end magic. A schism of mages who want to revive magic. And all the people who are drawn into this battle.

Basically follows several people as they attempt to find the entry way to Faery, the source of the mages power and the source of the mages themselves. Ends up with everyone trapped in some caves and finding their way out.

As in The Swan’s War, this was slow, understated and more about the characters than anything else. Unlike The Swan’s War, this was bone dry, boring and the characters came across as cardboard. Maybe I had too high expectations from earlier Russell…