Masks of the Martyrs

Masks of the MartyrsMasks of the Martyrs

Rings of the Master #4

Jack Chalker

3 of 5 stars


A rather blase ending to be honest. 2 Rings collected, earth returned to, everything worked out, it was just wicked busy.
I liked this better than his Well World series, but less than his 4 Lords of the Diamond series.


Warriors of the Storm

Warriors of the StormWarriors of the Storm

Rings of the Master #3

Jack Chalker

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


It is interesting to see Chalker explore different worlds that the Master Computer has set up.
Not much else to say really.

Pirates of the Thunder

Pirates of the ThunderPirates of the Thunder

Rings of the Master #2

Jack L. Chalker

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Voltron Assemble!

That is what this felt like. Disparate groups of people being forced together to survive. And lots of rambling about how there must be some other force helping the rebels.

This series is not nearly as fun and enjoyable as The Four Lords of the Diamond series.