PSA: Bookstooge Speaks Out….On Narcissism


Before we get into the really deep parts of this post, we here at Bookstooge would like to reassure our readers that we in no way support Narcissism. Depending on how long you have been following us, we are sure you realize our selfless dedication to the eradication of Narcissism. In our eyes, nothing is worse than that yahoo who just keeps blabbing and blabbing about how great and wonderful they are. This post today, with the typical Bookstooge logic, clear sighted analysis and calm, cool & collected proficiency of a true expert, will totally debunk any argument that any narcissist might bring against us.



Y’all better listen to that Bookstooge fella. He done know what he’s talking about!


The first thing is actually identifying a Narcissist. Now, most definitions are of a person who is obsessed with themselves. We deny that statement. A narcissist is someone who is wrongly obsessed with themselves. They think they are handsome/pretty when they’re just average. They think they are smart, when they aren’t even near to Einstein. They think they are clever, when they are actually boring and banal.

Basically, a narcissist is someone who thinks they are right when they are just plain wrong.  That is one of the few reasons that we here at Bookstooge know we’re not narcissists. We are never wrong.  It also doesn’t hurt that we are even more humble than Moses, the “most meek man on the face of the earth”. (Numbers 12:3).

And this is why we wish to speak out on this issue. People often conflate the idea of self-obsession with just plain pigheaded wrongness and this makes them wrong, leading to a vicious downward spiral of self-destruction and recriminations that is almost impossible to escape from. We here at Bookstooge realize that most people cannot break this cycle themselves.  We not only wish to highlight this problem, but would also like to offer a solution.




Seriously, how hard is that? I, errr,  WE do it all the time. Day in and day out. Week after week, month after month, as the years pile up. And you don’t see us with a swelled head or massive ego, oh no!

We do realize that people aren’t just going to stop being wrong all by themselves. After a lifetime’s habit built up, they simply can’t stop cold turkey. So besides our patent pending “Stop Being Wrong” solution, we also offer, for a VERY slight fee, our personalized Bookstooge Opinionator.  Join us and if you ever feel like you “might” be wrong, just send your personal Bookstooge Helper an email with your opinion. All Bookstooge Helpers are trained to the highest degree to detect right and wrong opinions. They will get back to you within 24hrs, often even sooner(!!!!), letting you know if your opinion is indeed right or wrong.


The Bookstooge Opinionator Team: We make sure YOU are always Right!


Studies have shown that those who use this tool experience elation and the complete disappearance of fear in their online lives. This online experience often sublimates into the real world. You’d be surprised how many sports and movie stars, politicians and talkshow hosts have used and benefited from The Bookstooge Opinionator.  Admit it, you probably thought those talking heads on tv were just well informed, intelligent people. But nope, it is all thanks to our wonderful program.

To end this most beneficial of posts, if someone you love, or perhaps even yourself, might suffer, in the slightest, from that most dreaded ailment of Narcissism, it’s ok. We are here to solve your problems and get you back on track of Being Right, All the Time! (trademark pending)


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April Roundup & Ramblings



Raw Data:

12 Books

4046 Pages

2.88 Average Star Rating (Ouch!)


The Bad:

The Last Town  1/2 Star book that I DNF’ddishonor1


Gods of the Mountain 1 1/2 Star novel where the author asked for a bad review .  He got it.  dishonor




The Good:

Assail  4 Stars and the longest book at just under 800 pages this month

Thank You, Jeeves  4 Stars and the humor is what upped this.


Graphic Novels & Manga

Finished up the Robinverse series of graphic novels I was reading with Under the Red Hood. This burned me out on graphic novels for a bit, so I don’t know when I’ll read another.

Oh My Goddess! plateaued as I was only able to read one volume this month. I just couldn’t bring myself to try a second. This does not bode well for the series as a whole. If I didn’t already own the whole dang thing, I’d definitely be tossing this for something more interesting.


Miscellaneous And Personal:

Survival Saturday was more comfort than survival this month. Breakfast Burritos bigger than my fist, yes please!

Surviving a Bad Book allowed the readers a quick glimpse into what helped turn Bookstooge into the battered and psychologically scarred creature of vengeance that he is today. Luckily for the world at large, he’s not a billionaire, so you should be safe.

The month started well with Resurrection Day, then quickly devolved with some twit being an Idiot on Twitter and ended up just being Plain Silly.

Most of the reason for the smaller numbers this month was that I was heavily invested, timewise that is, in the newest Magic the Gathering release entitled Dominaria. It sucked me in and I ended up creating a personalized Commander / EDH deck that is white and black and based on the Knight type. Just creating the Deck List and then Trimming it Down was quite the chore! I found out that I had some rewards from Amazon through our credit card, so I was able to get most of the more expensive cards all in one fell swoop instead of having to scrimp all year long.  I’m hoping this will allow me to play it by June, July at the latest.

On the blogside of personal things, I ended up doing some culling of people I used to follow but for one reason or another have fallen by the wayside.  I have tried to follow a couple of new people by using the WordPress Search for some of my favorite authors. I did follow 2 new people, but neither has updated in over 2 weeks. That doesn’t bode well. If any of you are just itching to suggest anyone, feel free. My main caveats are that they must post at least once a week, have very few YA reviews and finally, they must actually do reviews. When I was looking for book bloggers, I was amazed at how many bloggers participate more in some “Meme Theme” than in actually reviewing.  If someone doesn’t have a minimum 1 to 1 ratio for Reviews and Non-Review posts, I probably won’t follow them long term.  Ok, enough Grumpy Old Man’ing from me.


Cover Love:

Jackaby takes it this month. A YA book that didn’t make me throw up and I’ll be continuing the series. I’m as surprised as anyone about that!


In the words of the immortal alien, Dick Solomon: “I’m Gorgeous!!!”




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March ’18 Roundup & Ramblings



Raw Data:

15 Books

6320 Pages

3.17 Average Star Rating


The Bad:

The Algorithm of Power – 1 Star (yet highest viewed post EVER)

Dragon’s Gold – 2 Stars  (This was really the worst book of the month even though I rated it higher than TAoP)

Use of Weapons – 2 Stars


The Good:

Sentenced to Prism – 5 Stars

Heirs of the Blade – 4 Stars

Reaper’s Gale – 4 Stars


Graphic Novels & Manga:

My Oh My Goddess! read definitely took an upswing in its enjoyment level and I’m very thankful for that.

My Robinverse read took the hit this month, with me realizing that there are certain levels that I just can’t get along with now.  I am hoping next weekend to get to my final Robinverse book, Under the Red Hood. 


Miscellaneous And Personal:

Survival Saturday made its successful comeback and we didn’t even mess up the chicken noodle soup. Now that is success!!!

Surviving a Bad Book also returned, with a book so mediocre it should be ashamed to call itself a book.

My non-review posts ranged from (un)Hauling Books to filling that space right back up with a Book Haul to a Random Tag to a Ramble on Re-Reading. I also started up what I’m calling my Versus set of posts. A book versus a movie or movies versus movies or Something versus Something.  I’ve got one all lined up for April already. Nothing like simply referee’ing pre-manufactured drama 🙂

In my 2017 in Review Post I lamented how none of my posts had broken the 100 view mark and that that was one of my goals for this year. Well, The Algorithm of Power – really blew past that mile marker. It now stands just under 250 views.  Too Big to Comment is also approaching that marker. I love when posts can get some discussion and comments going.

On a personal side of things, Mrs B and I have found the new church that we plan on attending full time. We’re starting our full time attendance this Sunday. Resurrection Day is a good day to have a new beginning. I’m hoping with that particular issue stabilized, life will stabilize a bit too. These last 2 months have been really rough on us. On a lighter note, Mrs B has helped me to put together a new signature avatar for my posts. I hope you like it.


Cover Love:

Heirs of the Blade takes this month. The Shadows of the Apt series has taken this part several times. Whoever the cover artist is, I just like their work.


Tynisa being haunted by the ghost of her father Tisamon






A Random Tag



A big thanks to Mr & Mrs NavigatingWorlds for tagging me last month. I kind of changed the name of the tag and whatnot, but I DID use their questions, so it’s all good.


1 ) You need a team of 3 people to help you overthrow an emperor. Which fictional characters would you recruit and why?


Sorry guys, maybe next time


Superman. Pretty self-explanatory

Tisamon from Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Shadow of the Apt series. Awesome swordsman and willing to kill, where Superman isn’t.

Any character from a Terry Brooks’ Shannara book. They’d be the sacrifice so it didn’t seem as easy as it was.


2 ) What is the most surprising twist you have come across in a novel?


The Mt. Dew for Losers

I can’t remember, honestly. I know there have been several times that a point of view was revealed to be a 180 from what the reader was led to expect, but no specific title springs to mind.


3 )You are hunting for a house to buy with your family. The only places available are Northern Westeros (north of the wall), Mordor, and Arrakis. At which location will you purchase a home?


Another good read to own a condo instead

Arrakis. I’d be a rich water merchant and live in comfort in Arrakeen * wink *


4 ) If you had to attend a fictional school of magic, which one would you select?


♪Oh, oh, it’s Magic♪  (the Gathering, that is!)

I’d take the one on one lessons from Kulgan in Raymond Feist’s Magician series.


5 ) You are the likable, but slightly useless, best friend to the main character. What one skill keeps you out of trouble?



Not being afraid to piss in the woods. Nothing is scarier to Alpha Predators than the ferocious scent of a Bookstooge, especially a slightly useless one.


6 ) If you had to read every single book by one author, which author would you pick?


Dickens, it’s whats for Dinner!

No contest. Dickens. There is a reason the man’s writings are “Classic”.


7 ) Which is the best country in the world?


I didn’t choose the Yurt Life, the Yurt Life chose me

Kyrgyzstan Forever!!! Any country with a “K” and a “Y” AND a “Z” has got to be awesome.  And by the way, I see you, my secret Kyrgyztanian friend, lurking around.


8 ) You are on an epic quest to save the world. You can take either a phoenix, a dragon, or an old bearded man. Which do you choose?


The Quest for the Bearded Kyrgyztanian

Dragon. I can BE the old bearded man.


9 ) Wine or beer?


6 Mt. Dew cans worth of caffeine

Teetotaler here, so I’m going with “Energy Drink”, preferably VPX Bang.


10 ) You have struck it lucky and book blogging is your full-time pursuit but you need a co-author for your blog. Who do you choose and why?


When you are as awesome as me, you’ll understand


Nobody. I explain why here:

A SuperSoldier, errr, Reviewer of One



Now I’m supposed to come up with my own questions and threaten you all with bad luck or something unless you do the tag in 10 days. 257197828688888277_ubpyo0cl_c1



PSA: Too Big To Comment


If you’ve been alive for the past decade, you’ve heard all the “Too Big to Fail” jokes. Whether actually funny, ironic or just plain bitter.

But, that phrase got me to thinking. I like to comment on other peoples posts. Not ALL the time, but probably about 90%.  Some of the people I comment on can get a lot of comments on their posts, like Orangutan Librarian or Drew the Tattooed Book Geek.  That post of Drew’s I link to? It has 110 comments. 110. Now, if I “know” someone, that number wouldn’t be a deterrent at all, as I would expect them to to pay attention to me, the Great Bookstooge, who deigned to come to their blog and grace them with a comment. But for those I don’t know, who don’t know the greatness that is me, I have to admit, any post with over 15 comments by others, I’ll probably not comment on.

And this is where the “thinking” began.  Specifically, where is YOUR comment cut off limit? Do you comment differently, like I do, depending on the blog? Are you likely to comment on a blog no matter what? Or do you see a Certain Number and just wave off? Commenting in general has come up in previous posts, but this time around I’m interested in a particular data set. I plan on writing a data mining book and use this data to become fabulously wealthy.

Get cracking folks, I won’t get very wealthy if you’re not doing the work for me!



My average Comment to Post ratio, according to the wordpress stats, is 20. Now, half of those are me, so call that 10 comments per post on average. Of course, book reviews of graphic novels and manga tend to have a lot fewer comments, and my non-review posts tend to bloat up pretty big. Mostly because I reply to every comment that people leave. At what number do you just think “nope, not commenting”?

I hope you feel comfortable leaving comments here. I try to treat each one as a conversation between you and me and while I know I don’t always succeed at that, that is what I aim for.

Dr Bookstooge is here for you!




And just in case you think I don’t work hard and totally deserve all your money that you’ve earned, here’s a snowy picture of a steep hill in the woods.

This picture is pretty self-explanatory as to why I deserve your money…






February ’18 Roundup & Ramblings



Raw Data:

17 Books

6441 Pages

3.5 Average Star Rating


The Bad:

Really,  this category should be labeled “The Really Mediocre” for this month.

Conventions of War 2.5 Stars


The Good:

Martin Chuzzlewit 5 Stars

Blood and Bone 4 1/2 Stars

Winter Rose 4 1/2 Stars


Graphic Novel & Manga:

Had to face up to the fact that my Oh My Goddess! manga re-read isn’t going as successfully as I’d like and that I’ve got a really bad case of nostalgia goggles for this manga.

Thankfully, the Robinverse graphic novel didn’t disappoint!



This has been the longest month of our lives (outside of when Mrs B had her initial crohns diagnosis years ago). Every day felt like a week, every week felt like a month and the month felt like a whole year.  While we were taking a break from our home church, enough other crap took place that we realized we won’t be going back. Which really sucks because we’ve been there almost a decade and have some real “forged in fire” friendships. So while we’ve been looking around, we haven’t been really looking around because we kept hoping we would be able to go back. With our realization that we can’t go back, that is going to make March a church hunting month.

I am planning on getting back into the visiting and commenting game again. I am hoping that I can regulate myself a little more than I have in the past and so not spend quite so much time checking it every 10minutes to see if someone posted something.


Cover Love:

While I enjoyed several of the covers and thought that the full artwork version of Winter Rose was fantastic, based strictly on the front cover, I am going to go with Ghosts of Tomorrow.


Its simply does not get more awesome than that!






January ’18 Roundup & Ramblings



Raw Data:

17 Books (2 of them DNF’s)

6047+- Pages (DNF’s make it harder to get accurate numbers)

3.44 Average Star Rating


The Bad:

Curse of the Wendigo 1/2 Star.   Ugh, ugh, ugh.

Thorn of Dentonhill 2 Stars.  Just too young adult/stupid character for me to like.


The Good:

The Monster Hunter Files 4 Stars. Except for just a couple of stories, loved this collection.

Stranger of Tempest 4 Stars. Just a lot of fun that I enjoyed even with some issues.


Graphic Novels & Manga:

Both of my Robinverse reads and my OMG read were enjoyable.  Don’t want to take that for granted.




January ended on a really bad note and is having effects all the way through February that will have repercussions for the rest of the year.  Mrs B ended up in the ER for 2 days and I was throwing up all night, and it was all about stress.  We both took this past week to abstain from online entertainment and to do some serious praying together as a couple.  We’re going to be taking the month of February to decide what to do. Just so it doesn’t sound all mysterious and crap, we’re having some interpersonal issues with another couple at church and it has reached the point where we are having to decide if we want to stay there. This is a very big issue for us and don’t want to treat it lightly. As such, while I’ll be posting again, I am not planning on visiting anyone else’s sites during February. I am also probably going to be posting only book reviews and use this time as a hiatus from any of the other non-review posts. Nothing personal, just have to prioritize where my attention is going for this month. . Thanks for understanding.

I would also like to thank each one of you that has commented in the last week. I know I haven’t replied back or liked anyone’s comments, etc and I don’t plan to go back over things in my notification bar, but I want to make sure you know that I do appreciate your thoughts and words. From here on out, I’m going to keep up with it as it should be a lot smaller since I’ll not be visiting and commenting around the blogosphere.


Cover Love:

Stranger of Tempest wins this month’s Cover Love easily! I fell in love with the cover when Bookwraiths put it up on one of his “Looking Forward To” kind of posts.  And I still love it months, err, years (!?!?!)  later 🙂