Bookstooge’s Most Read Authors

The Little Book Owl recently did a post where she listed her top 5 most read authors. I like lists, so that post really hit the spot and considering how dry this week has been, in terms of posting [it’s been a busy week with much smaller amounts of time for reading or posting], I decided I’d take a turn at doing this.

I’m going to list a few more than 5. Also, I’m not going to be listing a lot of manga-ka, as they dominate the numbers with some huge series [Bleach, One Piece, Case Closed, etc].  This list also includes re-reads, so some of my top read authors might not have so many books.

I could add about 10 more authors if I went down to 10 reads, but 12 seemed like the cusp of “Ok, I’ve read a bunch by this author”.  Not much to say about each, not with so many but if you have questions, ask away and I’ll answer as best I can.



Timothy Zahn – 63

Patricia Wrede – 17

Tad Williams – 20

Adrian Tchaikovsky – 16

Rumiko Takahashi – 67 (probably my most read manga-ka and yet I don’t care for her stories. Funny that)

Kazuki Takahashi – 38 (wrote the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. Love that series)

Michael Sullivan – 12

Michael Stackpole – 33

Lemony Snicket – 13

Darren Shan – 12

Brandon Sanderson – 25 [including the final WoT books]

Mike Resnick – 12

Terry Pratchett – 44

Ellis Peters – 14 (Brother Cadfael Mysteries)

Don Pendleton – 37 (Mack Bolan/The Executioner series)

Andre Norton (and loser collaborators) – 18

Michael Moorcock – 16

L.E. Modesitt, Jr – 28

Jack McKinney – 12 (Robotech)

Patricia McKillip – 27

Anne McCaffrey – 21

C.S. Lewis – 16

Sharon Lee & Steve Miller – 15

Stephen Lawhead – 22

Paul Kemp – 12 (mainly Forgotten Realms with a dash of Star Wars)

Robert Jordan – 26 (multiple reads of the first several WoT books)

Riichiro Inagaki – 48 and counting (Eyeshield 21 manga w/ rereads of the first 16)

Frank Herbert – 13

Robert Heinlein – 18

Terry Goodkind – 13

Alan Dean Foster – 48

John Flanagan – 15

Steven Erikson – 19 (multiple Malazan re-reads]

David Eddings – 18

Dave Duncan – 15

Charles Dickens – 33



Troy Denning – 16 (forgotten realms and star wars and he sucks whatever I read]

Roald Dahl – 14

Evan Currie – 13

Larry Correia &/or Collaborators – 16

Glen Cook – 13

CLAMP – 65 (a varying group of 5 female manga-ka)

Agatha Christie – 19

Orson Scott Card – 13

Jack Campbell – 22

Jim Butcher – 22

Terry Brooks – 20

Robert Asprin – 17

Isaac Asimov – 12

Neal Asher – 26 (re-reads)

“Alex Archer” – 14 (ghost written series of Rogue Angel)

Aaron Allston – 16 all Star Wars all good





July ’17 Roundup & Ramblings



Ok, the facts and nothing but the facts to start off here. 19 Books [yeah baby!!!] and 8002 [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] pages. Now, 1100 of those pages were Don Quixote and I’d been working on that for 8 months, but still. I was pretty stoked at those numbers.

Looking at the numbers [books, pages and ratings] this was a pretty fiiiine month. No DNF’s and several Epic reads.

I think that Children of Dune was my favorite read of the month. It had some stiff competition though from Monster Hunter Siege, The Shadow Roads, Sungrazer and Beyond the Shadows. Having that many good reads makes this a good month for me by any estimation.

Least favorites for the month were definitely Instinct and Destiny of the Sword.

Eyeshield 21 is still ripping along. I’ve only got 6 more volumes to go in this manga series and I have to say, volume 31 was just as good, just as funny and just as feelzy as the first volume. Thumbs up.

I completed Don Quixote. That felt like a milestone. The whole process of note taking was interesting and going so slowly really allowed me to “get” the story. However, it took effort and work and I’m going to be taking a break from doing that kind of read again for awhile.

My Malazan Series Re-read stalled big time with my read of Memories of Ice. It went from being my Favorite of the series to the point where I started dreading continuing my read. Existential Pain and Sorrow don’t titillate me any more, they just grind me down. So it is hard to want to keep reading. I’ve got about 25 series I cycle through on my kindle and I’ve pushed this off to every other cycle now. Hoping the extra time between allows me to recover.

And speaking of series on my kindle. Lashaan asked me sometime ago if I planned on reading “new” books from 2017 since I’m doing a lot of re-reads and stuff. I hadn’t thought of it too much, but I’ve created a High Priority series and whenever I see something that I really, really, really want to read (Monster Hunter Siege for example) I’ll add it to the High Priority series. And I cycle through that every 9 series or so instead of the usual 25. Whenever it gets to the bottom of the first page of my kindle, I just read the next one in there and start the cycle over.  I’ve currently got Joel Shepherd’s Kantovan Vault, Tal Klein’s The Punch Escrow (Thanks Mogsy for your review!), and one other that I can’t remember off the top of my head.

To wrap this Rambling up, it’s Cover Love time. It was a tie between Memories of Ice and All Darkness Met.

memoriesoficeA Tiger-man. With Swords. How is that NOT totally awesome?


coverI’m Batman! (said in deep gravelly voice)





A Comparative Study into the Eschatological Theories on the Evolving Verbosity as Witnessed within the Jurisdiction that is Under the Purview of Bookstooge

After a total BS title like that, I can’t think of a thing to write. Funny isn’t it?

akeda2Of course, I’ve pretty much stumped myself

I am thinking on the subject of wordiness because I’ve realized that my reviews have been increasing in length since I started reviewing regularly on WordPress. I am also tired and when I tired, everything is either extremely funny or so serious that I can’t talk about it. Since I am typing this, and you are reading this, I guess it’s obvious which direction we’re going this time.


what_43680b_1348410Yeah, I don’t see why this picture isn’t King of the Memes on google or something


While I have never been drunk, or gotten high, I have acquaintances who have and all the behavior they exhibited are very similar to how I act when extremely tired.  Caffeine doesn’t necessarily counteract that tiredness, it just means I can’t get to sleep. Sadly, sleep is the only cure. I should be asleep now, rejuvenating so I can go to church tomorrow and not be a bear and bite someone’s head off.

oIt is 11pm, I am hungry and I’m about to put a pizza in the oven


And the words begin to putter out. I doubt I’ll even post this but I needed an outlet to let some of the rambly’ness out without trying to say anything coherent. Sometimes coherency is WAY over rated.

c5011066023bc42b58c089e7d8c361bdc8bbe00fb4c0ab46495fa9f6619d8045This picture is not actually funny. But it is right now

I am just throwing everything on the wall right now.



June ’17 Roundup & Ramblings


This was a good month. 16 books read. Approximately 4660 pages read. That number is a bit fuzzy since I DNF’d Cronin’s City of Mirrors and didn’t keep a true total of what I’d read of it. Down a bit from last month, but given that I started a Memories of Ice Readalong that took up most of this last week in June. That’ll probably push next month’s numbers up a bit.

Speaking of DNF’s. That was the only 1 Star book for this month. Everything else was at least 3 Stars.  Song for the Basilisk was my top book for the month at 5 Stars. My average came out to 3.5. I’m kind of getting spoiled with all these above 3star average months.

I did my first movie review. I’ve talked about movies in general, but never really sat down and wrote a specific post about a specific movie. While I enjoyed John Wick: Chapter 2 I doubt I’ll be doing too many more movie reviews. Why watch a movie when I could be reading!?! But now that I’ve done one, if I am really jonesing to write, I can always pop something in the player and type away.

A bit has happened outside of direct book related stuff. I bought myself a new Oasis. Still loving it (thankfully). Implemented a little bit of Anti-Spam Protection to ward off the bots. And you know what? Those pesky bots are still showing up once a week or so now. It used to be every day though, so I’m pretty happy.

This month I also realized that vloggers just don’t do it for me. So I went through and unfollowed a couple of bloggers who are, or seem to be, more vested in the video side of things.  I need the written word. And that led me to following some new people, so July will tell how that works out. As much as I would love to have a static group of about 70’ish people to follow, I realize that life just doesn’t work that way. I tend to slough people off if they haven’t posted in a month or two without some sort of explanation. So my experience is one of very slow churn.

Cover love this month was really difficult. I’d already done the extended picture of Song for the Basilisk in its review.  I ended up undecided between Blood of Aenarion and the US version of Brass Man.


blood-of-aenarionYep, that screams Epic Fantasy to me in tones that soothes my soul.


9780330521376Something about the color scheme, that desert brown and searing gold sunniness , really works for me


Trust you all have a great July. I will see you around. Bookstooge out.




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May ’17 Roundup & Ramblings

05May17Collage created at


Yep, lots of books this month. 18 to be precise. Now, 2 of those WERE 22 page comic books, so take that as you may. However, my monthly page count was 6764. Up almost 50% from last month. Page count is definitely going to be my new monthly benchmark. The biggest books were: Shadow’s Edge, Return of the Crimson Guard, Guns of the Dawn and Deadhouse Gates. They ranged from 645 to 868 pages. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Average Star Rating came in at 3.8, so almost everything this month was a fantastic read. The only “Nah” book was Lord of the Darkwood (The Tale of Shikanoko #3).

Personally, the month was pretty bad. My Friend Amy passing away near the beginning of the month was really hard, but I think that is why I read so much. I was escaping in the only way I knew how. Now that the wake has occurred, I can begin processing it and letting the healing begin.

I was able to figure out a way to work in manga on a regular basis without burning myself out; which is great because last month I had no idea how I was going to accomplish that.  I also passed a milestone in organizing my personal review library in Calibre. I’m now under the 1000 review mark. Only 900’ish more entries to polish up and then I just have to stay current. I’m already starting to use it when referencing when I read something in the past or what I thought of Book X.

The cover I’d like to share this month is an alternate for Dune Messiah. I put the cover that matches the asin in the review, but in my Calibre library I’ve got this beauty:

coverNow is that gorgeous or what?

And that wraps up May. Trust you all have a great June and I’ll be stopping by and making comments [appropriate or otherwise] on your posts. Bookstooge out.



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I Will Make Them Cry – Indie Rant

Comment I recently read online:

“As an author of *redacted* book, I really appreciate your thoughts in this post. I wrote a post once entitled “Tips for writing fair book reviews that don’t make the author cry.” I’m fine with kind, diplomatic, constructive criticism – but some seem unable to write a critical review that is also kind and diplomatic. In can be done.
One review of my book crushed me and upset me for months. (Yeah, I need a thicker skin!) But the reason I was upset was that the reviewer expected my book to be something that I NEVER intended it to be, therefore I found the review unfair. Now, it could be I failed to properly describe my book on the back cover or my title wasn’t ideal, and it gave a wrong impression. It can be hard to “capture” a book with a proper title and back cover description, especially with minimal funds with a self or hybrid published book! But the reviewer could have noted that. Another reviewer, in fact, did such. They wrote that they expected “x” and instead found the book to be “y” and then wrote a positive and glowing review. I was appreciative.
I once read this: “A good book review appreciates and critiques the book that is written, not the book that the reviewer thinks should have been written.” Keeping an authors credentials and experience in mind can also help a review be kinder. Is this their first book? C’mon, it may be quite good for a first attempt and the author’s future capabilities evident. A new author with genuine potential could be crushed and not try again, if they only receive harsh reviews that failed to see the quality of their first attempt. Etc.”






Folks, you are never going to get a review from me that is dictated by a Special Snowflake. I’ll write what I want and if it makes someone cry, boohoo. That just goes to show the wisdom of writers NOT reading reviews of their books. That is a special kind of Narcissism and I’ll not be party to it. I’ll hack and cut and slash and put that book out of its misery.






April ’17 Roundup & Ramblings

04April17Collage created at Ipiccy


April can be summed up as Bleh. I only read 10 books, which for me, is about a 50% drop from my normal 15-20.  Part of that is that I read/finished some doorstoppers. The Great Controversy, The Line of Polity and Dragonfly Falling all weighed in at around the 700 page mark. The other part is that I started the Deadhouse Gates readalong with Dragons&Zombies and that book,while also a doorstopper, is just plain dense. You can’t read it quickly and retain all that makes it so rich. I’m having to treat it like a steak that I chew each bite quite a bit to get all the savoriness out of.

Average rating was around 3.3 [10 makes it REAL easy to figure that one out] and that seems to be my usual average on an annual basis as well.

My Monthly Page count was approximately 4100. I should probably start doing that each month, as that is a much more realistic look at how much I’ve read.  Number of books can be a bit misleading, or get manipulated [like how I finished March with 3 comic books to “boost” my numbers].

Least favorite book was the Parched Sea. The beginning to the Harpers series in the Forgotten Realms. It came in at 2.5 Stars.

Top book was a tie between The Line of Polity and Dragonfly Falling. Both were 4 Stars but one was Science Fiction and the other Fantasy.

I pretty much abandoned my Manga Monday goals for the month, as I just felt burnt out from reading a manga every week and reviewing it “on schedule”. While I like order, too much scheduling makes me feel claustrophobic and like an axe is hanging over my head [hence, why I quit Netgalley. Deadlines and I are not in the same universe when it comes to “fun” stuff]. I got one volume in, so I’m going to try to get back to doing them on a regular basis, even if it is just twice a month or something. I’ve thought about trying to review a batch at a time, but I prefer one review for one book.

May is completely up in the air right now. If I get selected for Jury Duty, then I suspect I’ll have a lot more reading time and you can expect my review numbers to follow. If I don’t get selected and life just continues apace, I foresee my reading staying at about the same level. One more reason I want to start including pages read in future installments.

Question. When I [or others] include links to previous reviews, does anyone ever click them? I ask because I know that 9 times out of 10 I don’t. That 1 time is helpful but honestly, if I never re-read someone else’s reviews, I don’t feel like my life would be that much poorer 😀 I’d like some honest answers if you have an opinion.

The only cover that even halfway grabbed my attention this month was this one: