A Quote from: Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurs can adopt behaviour and strategies to mitigate the effects of these liabilities. For example, innovative new firms can establish alliances with incumbent large firms. These links enable them to access resources to develop the technology further, as well as to gain downstream access to final customers when they do not have the sales and marketing skills to do so. Such alliances may be a precursor to the entrepreneur being able to sell the business to reap a capital gain. On the downside, the more powerful larger partner can dictate terms and expropriate some of the entrepreneur’s potential gains.
-Page 28


So far, this book is filled with industry insider buzzwords like this. While not gobbledy gook, it is not something I would expect an Every Man Joe to just sit down and easily pick up and inculcate into their own personal knowledge base. I don’t think this is going to be a highly rated book by the time I finish if it stays like this.


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A Quote From: Lightning

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Maybe this is above your head right now, and maybe you’ll have to do a lot of thinking before you understand, but it’s important you realize there’s a way to live that’s in the middle, between killers and pacifists. You try to avoid violence. You never start it. But if someone else starts it, you defend yourself, friends, family, anyone who’s in trouble. When I had to shoot those men at the house, it made me sick. I’m no hero. I’m not proud of having shot them, but I’m not ashamed of it, either. I don’t want you to be proud of me for it, or think that killing them was satisfying, that revenge in any way makes me feel better about your dad’s murder. It doesn’t.”

(Laura to her 8 year old son Chris after assassins from the future try to kill them)

~Lightning, 55%


And little things like this are why I keep reading Koontz. This book feels like he was at the top of his game when writing. I’m enjoying the ever living daylights out of it so far.


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A Quote From: Monster Hunter Guardian

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Hansel came in, now dressed in an immaculate tuxedo. “Is this to your liking?”

“Yeah.” I pulled the pistol out and worked the slide to make sure the chamber was empty. I usually built my own guns—I’m a 1911 girl—but this was good.

“I was told this was a suitable weapon.”

“No kidding. It’s a Grayguns Compact custom P320 with a reflex sight.”

“I’m afraid I do not know what any of those words mean.”

“It means it’s pretty damned solid and been worked over by someone who knows what they’re doing.” I didn’t normally run a micro red-dot sight on my handguns, but I’d practiced with them enough to get over the learning curve. I checked the chamber again out of habit, picked a target—that potted plant would do—and dry-fired. Click. Flat trigger, good geometry, very nice.

“I assumed all your clients were assholes, but at least one of them has excellent taste in working guns.”

“He has several of these. Like you, he is a professional, but in a very different and unrelated field.”

“Come on, Hansel, you can admit you know John Wick.”


“The guy, they killed his dog…”

“That sounds terrible.”

“Never mind.” There were ten magazines already loaded with 115 grain Federal hollowpoints. Great for humans, and I just had to hope there weren’t any werewolves invited to the party. I took some mags out and started sticking them into Hansel’s jacket pocket.

“What do you think you are doing?”

“Look at this dress. Where exactly do you think I’m going to hide all this stuff?”

“These are besom pockets. You’ll ruin the lines! I am your bidder, not your Sherpa.”

He was going to be my hostage if he didn’t shut up, but the scowl I gave him must have convinced him that I meant business.

~Page 199


A bit of a longer quote this time but my goodness, this quote is this book in a nutshell. I love it!


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A Quote From: Target Rich Environment, Vol 2

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“I’m looking for information.”
“You a cop?”
“Do I look like a cop?”
“Not really. They’ve usually got some department-mandated physical fitness and grooming standards. what is going on with your hair?”
“It’s my man bun.”
“So you’re like a special-needs samurai or something?”

~ Page 344


Hahahahaha, couldn’t have put it better myself. “Man buns” are what women used to have. You know, back when young guys used to actually have a pair?

Correia is rocking with this book, yet again.


And just because, here’s a picture of a man who really knows how to rock a full head of hair! #Afro-Samurai would kill you as soon as look at you if he caught you wearing a so-called man-bun.



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A Quote from: Three Men In A Boat

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Context:  One of the main character’s friends is cooking scrambled eggs on a boat and constantly burning himself on the frying pan, leading him to dance around the boat and blow on his fingers while swearing profusely.





We did not know what scrambled eggs were, and we fancied that it must be some Red Indian or Sandwich Islands sort of dish that required dances and incantations for its proper cooking.

~ Page 121


If you don’t find that uproariously funny, this book probably isn’t for you.


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A Quote from The Burning White


But given time, horror fades, and repetition makes what was unthinkable now normal; the monstrous is made manageable. For mankind adapts to every horror.

This can’t have happened.

This happened but not often.

This happened often, but this happens no longer.

This happens still but not often.

This happens often, but this is what must happen. This is what someone must do.

This is what I must do.

This is what I will do.

I am doing this.

I have done that, and it is what you must do in your turn.

“O my God,” Karris said, “please, please, save us.”

And the words were that commander’s grief, as he held a dead child in his arms, at finding out the massacre hadn’t been committed by some mortal foe but by his own men.

`Chapter 37


Man, just when I’m sailing along, Weeks writes something that stops me dead in my tracks! I like that about his writing.


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A Quote from “The Last of the Plainsmen”

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…to realize that the best of life lies in the daily needs of existence, and to battle for them!

~ Zane Grey in “The Last of the Plainsmen”


I kind of feel like I’m cheating with 2 Quote posts this month, but while Jeeves made me laugh, this just made me sit up at attention and exclaim “You tell’em Grey!”





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Quote from “Very Good, Jeeves”

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“There is no time, sir, at which ties do not matter.”

~Jeeves to Bertie Wooster






Jeeves, that Sartorial Master, that Captain of Clothes,  that Guardian of the Avante Guarde, that Professional Appareller, that Vizier of Vestments and that King of Accoutrement, is never wrong.

This book is going along swimmingly!


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Quote from “The Ministry of Healing”

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But selfishness and the indulgence of appetite have brought sin and misery, from excess on the one hand and from want on the other.

~The Ministry of Healing, page 28




That quote is very apropos at the moment. I recently had a doctors visit and when I had my weigh in, found I was overweight. I’ve joined Weight Watchers to lose weight and that program has me watching what I eat even more closely than I have to with my diabetes.  Going grocery shopping has been eye opening as we (Mrs B is supporting me in this endeavor) realize just how much of the food we usually eat is for taste and/or pleasure alone. Excess and indulgence indeed. It is good to be reminded that as a Christian every single aspect of our lives must be under Christ’s control. We are not to be gluttons, or ascetics.


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