Judgment at Proteus

Judgment at ProteusJudgment at Proteus

Quadrail #5

Timothy Zahn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


At the end of Book 4, when Zahn introduces the return of the badguys, I had no idea how he was going to wrap it all up.

He does simply by having the bad guys be small in number [which totally makes sense], it just wasn’t made obvious in Book 4, so my mind immediately jumped to huge, galaxy spanning numbers.

Anyway, this was just one “I see your plan and have planned for your plan” scenario after another.

I thoroughly enjoyed the plot once I got into the story but am glad Zahn wrapped things up. Compton has had enough imo…

Domino Pattern

Domino Pattern
Quadrail #4
Timothy Zahn
4 Stars
epub, 229 pages

this confirms it. Zahn is officially trying his hand at the mystery genre while staying in Scifi. Overall, it reminded me of the Asimov book Caves of Steel. It was well written, interesting, kept moving along without getting hung up on inconsequential details and ended well while at the same time setting up BIG things for the future.

So now Compton and friends are in league with a modhri. And it looks like the big bad aliens who ruled for a millennium or more a long time ago are coming back.

Zahn ratchets up the threat level in each book. I have to wonder if he is contracted to write “x” number of books in this series? I just hope it ends well. This is a good solid addition to a Zahn library. I enjoyed it more than Third Lynx or Odd Girl Out.