Trouble Magnet

Trouble Magnet
Pip & Flinx #11
Alan Foster
2 stars
272 pages

Flinx gets involved with some gang kids while trying to decide if humanity is worth saving.

Basically, Foster slaps on the name of Pip and Flinx to sell this mediocre Commonwealth novel. A bit of action, and very little whining by Flinx, make this book mediocre instead of abysmal.

Foster appears to have run out of ideas, real ideas, for Flinx and this novel really shows that. Nothing original, nothing exciting, no advancement of the “Must stop the BIG BAD Thing that will destroy us all” plot [which is really lame imo anyway], in fact, so much nothing happens that without Foster’s name on it, this book would have died before ever getting out into the wild.

I just want this series to end now. Foster has ruined it completely by trying to milk it for close to 30 years. Shame on him!

Running from the Deity

Running from the Deity
Pip and Flinx #10
Alan Dean Foster
1 star
255 pages

Pip goes to a low tech world to hide and get repairs. Instead of staying hidden in his ship, he goes out and makes contact with the natives, setting a war in motion. He, and the A.I. of the ship, stop the war and take off.

This was PATHETIC! Nothing but Pip feeling bad for himself and doing stupid things and feeling bad about those, etc, etc. Foster has totally lost the FUN that started this series. Boooo!