Jupiter War (Owner #3) (Polity)


Jupiter War

Owner #3

Author: Neal Asher

4 of 5 Stars (1 extra star for ultra-awesome violence)



Saul must turn “his” space station into a spaceship capable of interstellar flight to escape the powers of earth. All the while fending off those same powers who desperately want him back on earth for vengeance and the data and tech he now owns.


My Thoughts

This was really a 3star book. We get Saul transforming the station into the ship, chipped humans on the ship rebelling, Saul debating the true meaning of freewill, responsibility and freedom, Galahad having her delusions of grandeur even while the whole structure on earth is falling to pieces, and finally, we get fighting. And that is why I gave it 4 stars.

Asher knows how to write a gritty, awesome, massively bloody fight, in space and with ground troops. That is the main thing I read his books for, awesome ideas about humanity/tech and violence. He does them both so well.

I didn’t like Saul in the first book, and I still don’t like him here in the third, as a person. As the Owner, however, he makes a kickbutt demi-god.

While it appears obvious that Asher has more to write in the Owner series, I really hope he returns to the main Polity Universe soon and gives us new stuff there.

Zero Point

Zero PointZero Point

Owner #2

Neal Asher

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


I really wish I had read the Owner short stories before reading the first book, would have upped my enjoyment of things.

And since I’ve read them, I enjoyed this book a bit more. Seeing the Proctors come into being [even though it really felt very deus ex machina as to HOW they came into being], Saul’s plan to go somewhere else, the supersciences, the battles, the crazy earth lady. It all came together in one big ultra violent, messy shoot-em up masher.


Departure (Owner #1)


Owner #1

Neal Asher

3 Stars


Non-polity universe.
But blood and guts GALORE! I kind of found it over the top. And the whole mental “aha, I found a new trick that I can use until you figure out how to counter it” was used enough that it detracted from my enjoyment.

Would certainly not recommend as a first Neal Asher book. hardcore fans only.