The Enchanted Forest Chronicles

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles
Patricia Wrede
middle grade fantasy
87 / 4stars

Consisting of:
Dealing with Dragons
Searching for Dragons
Calling on Dragons
Talking to Dragons

this was light, hilarious “turn the typical fairytale on it’s head” type stories. Just so enjoyable. A princess who doesn’t want to be a typical princess. So she becomes a dragon’s princess to escape. Her adventures vs wizards, falling in love with the King of the Enchanted Forest, and her son’s adventure in freeing his father.

The Prydain Chronicles

The Prydain Chronicles
Lloyd Alexander
childrens fantasy
86 / 4 stars

Consisting of:
The Book of Three
The Black Cauldron
The Castle of Lyr
Taran Wanderer
High King

these novels are a good first step into the fantastic. Starts with an assistant Pigkeeper and ends with him as High King of Prydain. Much about character and friendship, but interwoven thru the stories so as not to be pablum or sacchirin. Well done.

The Watchers at the Well Omnibus

The Watchers at the Well Omnibus
Jack Chalker
81 / 2 stars

Echoes of the
Well of Souls
Shadows of the Well of Souls
Gods of the Well of Souls.

I was less than impressed. A lot of psycho shrinking went on- race changing, gender changing, etc. It went on the premise that we are nothing more than motes of dirt that are programmable.

Magicians of Quality

Magicians of Quality
Cecilia and Kate Omnibus
Patricia Wrede
Caroline Stevermer
86 / 4 stars

a great mix of Jane Austen and fantasy. This was fantastic! I loved every word. Comprised of 2 books[Sorcery & Cecelia and The Grand Tour], the first was a series of letters comprised between 2 friends. The second was journal entries and court depositions. A unique way of writing and a nice way to break things up.

Silver on the Tree

Silver on the Tree
The Dark is Rising #5
Susan Cooper
84 / 4 stars

The Dark is Rising series concludes. I enjoyed it as a whole, but while it was written mainly for children, I would be very hesitant to read it to younger kids because of the extreme Dualistic worldview. The Dark’s whole purpose is to terrorize and subjugate mankind, while the Light, supposedly it’s complete opposite, seems only to exist to oppose it; not to bring peace and happiness to all. A good read, but wouldn’t let preteens or early teens read it without some serious discussion about it all.