Odd Thomas (Odd Thomas #1)

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Title: Odd Thomas

Series: Odd Thomas #1

Author: Dean Koontz

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Pages: 344



Odd Thomas, a young man who has a gift for seeing ghosties and other supernatural apparitions, must try to stop an unknown deadly event from happening in the small town of Pico Mundo. With help from his soul mate Stormy, his father figure the Police Chief and the ghost of Elvis, Odd must solve the mystery before evil blooms.


My Thoughts:

Back in May, I watched the movie Odd Thomas [Review can be found HERE] and really enjoyed it. Enough so that I sought out the books it was based on.

This was definitely a case where whichever medium you were acquainted with Odd first is your preferred. I enjoyed the book, and the movie got the dry, self-deprecating tone down perfectly, but since I already knew what was going to happen, the book didn’t have the same “oomph”.  I liked the movie better, but I can see if I had read the book first I would have liked that better.

For someone who grew up with a complete narcissistic father, a selfish bordering on the insane mother and who can see ghosts and “demons” [bodachs], Odd is pretty grounded. I found the balance he struck between trying to change things and not getting involved to be just what I’d like to think I would have done.

Thoroughly enjoyable read and I’ll be seeking out the later novels to put on my TBR list.

Odd Thomas (Movie)


This showed up on Netflix, and while I’ve never read the books, it looked interesting.

Normally I’m not a fan of Urban Fantasy. I’ve quit the Dresden Files, the Iron Druid Chronicles and probably some more that didn’t even stick in my mind.

However, I enjoyed this a good bit more than I was expecting. Part of it was that Odd’s supernatural abilities didn’t overwhelm the thriller aspect of the story. Preventing a Small Town USA massacre has so many angles that it makes for a great plot point. And when you shroud even that with dead bodies, mysterious dreams, hell mouths and a veritable swarm of supernatural vultures, well, that is awesome.

I liked the guy who played Odd Thomas. He was humble, down to earth but not afraid to use what he knew. I found the whole ghost twist at the end interesting as well. I suspect most people saw it coming, but I wasn’t paying that much attention so it caught me square on the jaw, but in a good way.

Finally, the thing that made this a 4 star instead of just a 3 was that now I want to go read the books. When a movie pushes me to the source material, that is good. Now maybe if I’d read the books first and saw the movie then I’d be disappointed. But for ONCE I’ve seen the movie before I’ve read the books it was based on. That is a nice change for me.