Motorcycles VERSUS Scooters

Folks, this shouldn’t even be a post that I have to write about. However, it has come to my attention that there are genuine adult males, not men, but adult males,  who think that scooters are cool, more cool than motorcycles.  Before I give my very pointed and genuine opinion on THAT, let’s look at some pictorial evidence.




The above is a Suzuki Boulevard S40. That is the motorcycle I owned from ’05 til ’08 when I had to sell it to buy a car for Mrs B when we got married and she moved cross country to the Free’est State in the Union. It is a little bike. I’m only 5’3″ (160cm for you Illuminati types) and I could flat foot it with both feet. However, it was a 650cc engine, so when I was on the highway, I could give that baby the throttle and BAM, I was going 80mph (about 130kph) in seconds.  Motorcycles only get bigger and more powerful from there. This cost me about 5 G’s back in the day.




This is a Vespa GTS 300, a brand name scooter. You can’t ride this on the highway legally here. You do need a MOTORCYCLE license though. It is about a 280cc.  It costs about 7 G’s.




Dwayne Johnson, better known as the Rock, on his motorcycle. Definitely not wearing Bookstooge approved footwear for riding, but we’re working on that.





An attractive young lady on a scooter. Well, except for those shoes.  I never have, and never will, understand the fascination with high heels.


Scooters have their place and virile, strong and manly men CAN ride them. Gregory Peck showed us all the truth of that in Roman Holiday.  So, if you are ever in Rome and secretly dating a princess, you ride that scooter!

Roman Holiday 3 (Medium)


But other than that, if you have any of the sense that God gave you and you just have to get on 2 wheels, get a phracking motorcycle! A motorcycle will show just what kind of man you actually are.  A motorcycle is dangerous and thrilling and you HAVE to be in control of that bike at all times, aware of everything around you, or you’ll end up dead, a hood ornament on some oversized SUV and be a byline on the 6 o’clock news. You will never be more alive though than when you are driving around on it.

So who wins in this VERSUS post? Need you even ask?


Motorcycles for the Win!



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PSA: Blogging Mano A Mano Style



Sometimes blogging as a man, I wish there was a core set of Man Blogs (Dibs! I’m trademarking that! ) that I could subscribe to. No offense to ANY of you ladies who I follow or who follow me. But just what is the ratio of Male to Female when it comes to blogging for fun? I don’t care to clutter up this post with cold hard facts, so I’m going with a ratio of Less to More.

Bossy guy pointing at you.

Actually, 1 to 4 does sound about right


The problem I have found with following more men is that it can, and for me usually does,  end up like this:


Man 1: “Swiss Cheese is the best!”  Man 2: “I’ll KILL you!”


Strong opinions get thrown around willy-nilly and before you know it one of the two is getting their butt kicked. Like this poor guy:


Bookstooge-senpai schools Punk-san in proper fighting etiquette


Butt-kicking gets really tiring after a while.  I don’t want to hang out with jocks, mind you. I want articulate, reasoned thinking men. But those very same qualities can turn around and bite you in the butt.

I guess this is one of those situations where I want to be Alpha Man and every other man to be Beta Man, maybe Beta-Plus occasionally. But another Alpha?  Ha, kill that sucker!


Backoff buddy, this whole thing is MINE!


This is where what I want simply isn’t possible.  One thing I have learned is to really rein in my opinions when commenting on others’ blogs.  I have also learned that when I get a desire to be part of a pack, I just need to wait a day or two and then I’m back to my desire for solitude.  This is more of a vent than anything else.

So to you guys who I do follow and haven’t fought with, I’d like to thank you. For being patient with me, for letting me air my strong opinions on your blogs without biting my head off.  I don’t take it for granted, really.

And to end on slightly more humorous note…


I used a gif, so shoot me. Oh wait, my dinosaur already shot you!



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Mid-Year 2018 Roundup


I know I just did the Monthly Roundup & Rambling yesterday but I’ve seen the Mid-Year Freak Out tag going on all through June and I like the idea of a Mid-Year look at how things are proceeding

Now that the year is ACTUALLY half way over (yes, that is a jab), let’s look at some numbers shall we?


Books Read:

98 – On track for passing 150, check!


Pages Read:

31,190 – On track for 50K, which is my unofficial goal each year now.


Average Star Rating:



Most Viewed Post so far:

Algorithm of Power is so far ahead, almost triple the views of any other post, that I doubt anything I write for the rest of the year is going to surpass that.


Most Liked Post of so far: 

I can’t figure out how to see this data. I can see Top Liked overall using the sidebar widget, but can’t seem to drill down on just 2018 stuff. If you know how, would you let me know?


General Info:

3300+ visitors

3000+ comments – to be accurate, half of those are me 🙂

130 Posts

78K words written -that’s a 300 page novel! (Just call me the next Brandon Sanderson, hahhaaha)


Best Book so far:

I have given no book the coveted “Best Book of the Year” tag yet. I guess I better get cracking! Or I’ll have to ret-con some of my high rated, favorite books. I suspect that is what is going to happen.


Worst Book so far:

Gods of the Mountain. Not that the book is actually the worst, but the author’s demanding attitude where he began acting like he paid me to be his editor, definitely rubbed me the wrong way.

Sandworms of Dune was horrible in the worst of ways by being so mediocre that vanilla pudding was exciting in comparison and Curse of the Wendigo had some horrible moral content.


Cover Love:

I am torn between Jackaby and Stranger of Tempest. They are very different from each other and so trying to choose between is rather hard. So I’m going with both!





June ’18 Roundup & Ramblings

06June - 647381


Raw Data:

12 Books

4575 Pages

3.13 Average Star Rating


The Bad:

Toll the Hounds – 1 Star


The Good:

Mere Christianity – 5 Stars


Graphic Novels & Manga:

Read a couple more Silver Sable comics and realized that my time with this medium is pretty much done.


Miscellaneous And Personal:

Bailed on Survival Saturday. Work has been exhausting this month and experimenting with some food was just more than I could handle on my day off.  Thankfully, W.C. Bombfunk is making me some chicken potpie later today, so I’m still getting some kind of food!

Surviving a Bad Book went well. I announced I’m putting it on  a break since I’m going to start a new series about the Good books I’ve read.

Didn’t do to many more non-review posts. Did a VERSUS post and ended the month with a Confessional, where I admitted I was open to questions that I would answer next week.

Tomorrow I’ve got a Mid-Year Roundup scheduled, so that should have lots of numbers as well.


Cover Love:

Princess of Blood wins the cover love award this time. Whoever Tom Lloyd got to do these covers, he really hit a home run.

I just did some google’ing and it turns out the guy’s name is Jon McCoy.




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A Day in the Life of…

Dear Manly Journal,


Today, I write about the trials of my life. This week has just been so hard, it’s not fair.

Take Sunday for instance. I went to church early to start learning the audio visual. Well, apparently not only movies have gone digital. The whole soundboard was digital and I hardly recognized anything. It was pretty discouraging. I’ve been doing sound for 20 years and now it’s all changing?



Bah humbug! We should just get rid of all A/V and tell the pastor to speak up really loud, that is what I say!


Monday it was wicked hot. I ended up drinking 8 of those 1/2liter water bottles just at work, besides what I had at home.


I didn’t even realize how tired I was until I got home and collapsed on the couch.  I’m only 40, I shouldn’t get that tired yet. I’m not old!


Today was easy and fun, but I totally deserved it after yesterday. Worked on a lake, got out early, chatted up the office staff (Mrs Perl might be a grandmother, but she’s not old either! but that PuddingPop, what a lazy punk. Just sits at that computer and does engineer’y stuff. Phhhh, kids these days, right?)


PuddingPop photobombs this post!

Then I went to the gun range with W.C. Bombfunk and broke in my new Sig P938. Shot off 50rounds of 9mm, a whole box and my hand wasn’t even the tiniest bit sore afterwards.

So you can see, this week has been nothing but pure misery. I wish I was dead. Not even a reeses peanut butter klondike icecream bar could comfort me right now. Ha, I’m so miserable, not even TWO of them could help.



I don’t know how much more I can take. I love my job, I have so many books to read. everything just seems to be going my way. So how am I supposed to deal with being tired and hot? It’s just not fair!




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Surviving a Bad Book – Sword of the Archon


Sword of the Archon by D.P. Prior

1/2 Star







So, this book. I wasn’t really on WP when I wrote this review in ’14, but over on Booklikes. I was just crossposting all over so I wouldn’t lose any reviews or be silenced. It was not a good read for me and the author, who I’m guessing had a search algorithm going for mentions of him or his books, came over and commented. That wasn’t so cool but since I wasn’t using WP as my main platform, I just let it go. I’m not sure if Prior even left any follow up comments.

However. Ahhh, yes, that “However”, don’t you just love them?


Hippo Mafioso LOVES “howevers”, especially if kneecaps are involved…


However, one of his fans couldn’t let things stand, because obviously I was an evil demon sent directly from hell to destroy their beloved author’s reputation and life itself. Since I wasn’t on GR, said fan couldn’t stir up the hordes of ignorant idiots, so they resorted to commenting on the WordPress review. And they left page long comments. Showing how I was wrong, how I was destroying Prior, blah, blah, blah.

For weeks.


That was when I became very familiar with comment moderation and turned it on. I turned it on then and would just delete comments from that poster when I saw them come up. But it kept on going. So then I just turned comments off altogether and ended up forgetting I had done that, which is why there are a significant amount of reviews on here that don’t allow comments. That’s the kind of thing that’ll get fixed in my little Blog Under Construction project.

It still boggles my mind that another person can invest such energy into such a pointless exercise. Did that commenter think I was suddenly going to change my mind? Did they live in a world where nothing bad was ever said or negativity didn’t exist? That couldn’t be the case because of the rape scene in the book that they were so vociferously defending. And why do “I” draw in those kind of people for my reviews? I mean, they left comments for WEEKS! Who even thinks that way? Sigh. Must have been a Pig Ignorant Euro-snob *wink*

And there you have it, another book, author and rabid fan that I survived. This is the tenth post in this series and you know, I’m beginning to really wonder if there is something wrong with me. Do any of you have stories like this? Because one or two or even three I could see. You just can’t interact with people for 18 years and not have bad experiences, but this many? Which leads into my next paragraph nicely.

I’m getting tired of posting about all the bad experiences I’ve had with books, authors and fans. So I’m going to start another series of posts where I focus on the good experiences, kind of like my Favorite Books series but just one book at a time. Probably going to call it Thriving on a Good Book, and see how that works.


Thriving Baby!


Mattries suggested that I not give up this series of posts altogether though, so I’m thinking I’ll probably do a 2 or 3 to 1 ratio of Thrive to Survive posts. I think I can handle that. Cheers!


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May ’18 Roundup & Ramblings



Raw Data:

13 Books

3761 Pages

3.38 Average Star Rating


The Bad:

Sandworms of Dune – 1 Star


The Good:

Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Vol. 1 – 5 Stars

Orbus – 4.5 Stars


Graphic Novels & Manga:

In place of any graphic novels, I started reading some old Silver Sable individual comics I bought back in the early 90’s and still have kicking around.

I had to bite the bullet in regards to the Oh My Goddess manga and just accept that I had moved on and it simply wasn’t palatable to me anymore. Going to be taking a break before diving into another manga series. Now I’m a bit gun-shy.


Miscellaneous And Personal:

Survival Saturday was more enjoyable this time around because I dragged my bro, W.C. Bombfunk, into the whole thing. It’s always more fun when you can share a bad experience with others. Creamy a la King was anything but King of the food. It’s getting pushed to the back of the food line or maybe I’ll trade it to unsuspecting saps for some jerked venison when the apocalypse arrives.

Surviving a Bad Book hit its 9th installment. I’m thinking of ending the series next month with a 10th post and then start an opposite kind themed post more in the vein of my “Favorite Things”  but focused on just one book. I could also use a break from reminding myself of some the absolute crap books/situations I’ve dealt with.

Started the month with a timely warning for you all, About Narcissism.  I felt like I kind of fell off the Book Review wagon because I actually did 2 Tag Posts this month.

“Hello, my name is Bookstooge and I’m not really a book reviewer….”

“Hi Bookstooge!”

I’m pretty ashamed but I’ll try to do better next month, honest!

I also did a movie review for Thor:Ragnarok. I was looking and I hadn’t done an actual movie review since December so that was a nice change up. I also gave an update on some of the long range Plans I have for this Site. Finished off the month with A History of ….. Reading.


Cover Love:

As much as it pains me, Stands a Shadow wins this month’s cover love. While the book was magicless fantasy and not engaging enough to keep me in the series, look at that cover! It’s Gorgeous!

Stands A Shadow



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