When Do You Stop Following?

A couple of years ago (my, how time flies!), I wrote a rant about the Invisible Reader, those people who follow you but never interact with you in any way. That was coming from a Content Creator’s viewpoint. Today, I’d like to discuss things from a Content Consumers viewpoint.

Recently, Lashaan posted about Who Do You Follow? where he discusses what draws us to various blogs. Listing several broad categories, he goes into more detail about each and how they play a part in how he chooses who to follow. The Orangutan Librarian also wrote a recent post about How Her Reading Tastes Had Changed where she discusses the slow change she’s experienced as a reader in the genres she gravitates towards.

It got me thinking. First off, it got me thinking about how my reading habits have slowly changed and how that looks to someone who follows me. I also started thinking about how much another blogger needs to change for me to lose interest in following them any more. If I follow The Masters of Ironing, because I’m convinced Ironing is the Hot New Thing and I want in and then in 6 months they start posting about knitting and crochetting, should I still follow them? Or what if I start following a Book Blogger because I found an awesome review of a favorite book of mine on their blog, only to find out that they have never reviewed another book in that genre? In my own case on this blog, what if someone started following me because of all the Epic Fantasy I read and this newer trend of more manga, non-fiction, classics, etc isn’t what they want to read about?

At what point do I stop following someone whose content has changed? And not even necessarily the genres of books they read but the output? Say real life has intruded on them and they’ll be offline for the foreseeable future with no idea when they might come back. Do I just stick around hoping I won’t be left hanging in the wind? And if it is content, that doesn’t interest me, do I let things kind of fade away or just make a quick cut?

In many ways, this resembles the quandary people have with real life friends. Are you friends with someone because of shared background or experiences or do you both have a passing interest in the same subject? How well do you get along with each other? One problem is that blogging isn’t actually being friends. Just because I follow someone and interact with them doesn’t mean we’re friends. So the same rules don’t apply.

I certainly have zero problems with this subject. I’ve stopped following people because the comments section of their blog didn’t work and it was obvious they didn’t care. I’m definitely not wracked with indecision and guilt about this subject, hahahaaa.

Anyway, not a lot else from me. Just something I’ve been thinking about and wonder what any of you think about the subject.

Bookstooge’s Star Ratings

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Since I did a re-post of my About Me post a little bit ago, I figured it was probably time to re-post my Star Rating Explanation post as well. It’s also good for me to re-calibrate myself and make sure I’m not rating things randomly. I originally wrote this in ’16 and it hasn’t changed since. So without further ado …..

Since Star Ratings can by mysterious beasts to some, I thought I would explain what each Star Rating means, roughly, to me.

Will be placing this post as a Page on my WordPress Blog Page.

5 Stars:

An Epic read that I will buy in hardcover and read again and again or a book that has profoundly changed my life.

4 Stars:

A book that I thoroughly enjoyed but am not sure I will read again. It ‘might’ not hold up to the Me I’ll be in 10 years.

3 Stars:

A completely average book that I enjoyed. Nothing really special but nothing bad to note either.

The majority of what I read falls into this category.

2 Stars:

Did not enjoy this book. It might have been grammar, editing or plot issues. It might also have been Religious and Philosophical in nature.

1 Star:

Crap. Probably could not finish. Most likely Blasphemous in one way or another. Could also be that the skillz of the writer were of a 3rd grade level.

Half Stars:

Whenever a book is a Strong or Weak X Star Book, I tend to go for the half stars. They make my life so much easier!

Taking an Online Break

These last couple of days have made me realize that I’m getting worded out. Both in writing my own posts and reading others posts. Plus, the damned wordpress jackasses forcing the block editor on everyone, yet again, makes me pissed off. Even though I’m using the block editor, they need to stop forcing it down everyone’s throat. The forum is filled, again, with angry users wondering why this is happening.

So I’m going to be taking a short social internet break. I’ve got scheduled posts but I won’t be responding to any comments until I come back and I won’t be reading anyone’s posts.

See you next Wednesday.

A Brief Introduction to: Dr. Lord Bookstooge

I like to give my About page some awareness every once in a while, just to make it easier for those who follow me who might not have explored around my site (and can you blame them? I don’t explore too many of your sites!)



Here are some things to know about me that might make your interactions a tiny bit easier. If you still have questions,  you can always email me:

Bookstoog eat gmaild otcom


1) I am a pretty devout Christian. Weird personal mix of Baptist and 7th Day Adventist. To over-simplify it, that means I believe in the Bible literally and I go to church on Saturday instead of Sunday. It also means that it influences what I read, how I read and how I review.




2) I am a Man. I cannot state this boldly enough or enough times. Be prepared. Mancakes Ahead!




3) I like Science fiction, Fantasy, Classics [1900’s and earlier] and manga. I’ll read other stuff, but not regularly.


4) I tend to read 100+ books a year.



5) Of the 5 Love Languages, [quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, or physical touch] my main one is Words of affirmation. Or just words 🙂 Which means that I tend to post and comment quite a bit. I am NOT a once a week poster.


6) To go along with #1, I graduated from a non-accredited Bible school, so I’ve got a working man’s knowledge of how to be a Pastor, just not the actual degree. Or the temperament.



7) I am NOT a people person. People wear me out, even online. Then I say things that later I sometimes regret. Then I need chicken fingers to recover!



8) I am happily married to Mrs Bookstooge. So I’m sorry ladies, but I am not on the market.



9) If you disagree with something in my posts or reviews, feel free to say so; IF you want to actually have a conversation with someone who disagrees with you. Most times I will try to move such conversations to email.


10) I am a land surveyor. I work outdoors year round in New England. The picture below is of me. It typifies why I like being a surveyor.





bookstooge (Custom)

Random Tag


This tag has been sitting in my draft folder for over a year, so it was time to kill it, one way or another.  I don’t even know who tagged me, sigh.  My apologies.


#1 Do you believe in ghosts?  Not in the traditional sense, ie, the spirits of dead humans

#2 Have you ever sneaked out of the house to go to a party in your wild teen years?
Does sneaking out of the dorm one night at summer camp count? And even that was just to go for a midnight swim with the other guys. Otherwise, no.

#3 What’s your take on flowery food? (Lavender biscuits, wild flowers in salads, and so on). Yay or nay?
Do I look like a pansy to you?

#4 What’s a book that you thought was kind of trashy but you still enjoyed?
Gugenheimer’s Guided Tour into the Mind of Celebrity
Trash by Dr Bingo Gugenheimer, PhD, MA, MD, BA, CPA, LCP, CC, MHC, LMNOP, XYZ

#5 Imagine it’s time for a cookie. Do you dip it in milk, sip coffee with it, or munch on it in its dry glory?
If you eat dry cookies, you deserve every bit of misery coming your way.

#6 Would you say you are a morning person?
Absolutely. 5am rolls around and I’m up. Not necessarily awake and ready to go until 6am, but I’m there at 5!

#7 Winter sports. Yay or nay?
Sports in general, nay.

#8 Has it ever happened that you liked a film or series adaptation of a book? If so, which book was it?

You mean somebody might actually like a Book AND a Movie? Say it ain’t so!!!  Of course I’ve like movies based on books *grumps*  But since this supposed happenstance is so rare and mystical (according to the tone of the question), it sounds more like a miracle and I don’t know if you all are worthy of hearing about MY miracles. Saint Bookstooge castigates you!

#9 Do you find house chores (cleaning, dish-washing, etc.) relaxing, or necessary evil?

What about just plain evil?

#10 Do you chill in your pjs all day when you don’t need to leave the house?
I try not to. I always have a better day when I “do” things, even such small things as getting dressed for the day.

#11 What was the last book that knocked your socks off?

Our dryer’s manual.



Well, that was stupid.  I suspect it has more to do with my mood than the tag itself.  I make no apologies though. If I have to be in a bad mood, then you have to be a bad mood too. That’s how the internet works you know.


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The Life & Times of Bookstooge


Today has been a great day so far. Up at 5am, starting writing out posts and by 1pm had written 2 reviews, 2 tag posts, one quote post, gone on a walk and had a half of an italian sub for breakfast.

Mrs B is happily watching hamster and gerbil videos. She is currently chortling away at a hamster dressed up as a rhinoceros. As well as other things.



And the day is only half over. What other wonderful things will I write today? I don’t know but the words are flowing like the Spice!



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Attacko ofo theo Spamo Boto’s!


My “spanisho” is at the same level as Hayden’s acting!

Recently, the last week to be precise, I have received over 200 spam comments, in Spanish. It’s all been on my Quickbeam for World Book Czar post. I forgot to check my spam comments for a day and had over 67 on Sunday. After that I’ve been keeping up with it a bit better.

Thankfully, Akismet has been doing a great job of filtering them, but I still have to deal with them in bulk. Talk about an annoyance of little things.



Of course, it is sickeningly ironic after my little post about how many comments I’ve gotten overall. I guess maybe this is keep me humble? Hahahahaa, yeah right, like that is going to happen.



And I think I’m done for this post. I’ve got words running out of my fingertips like a bleeding river though, so I’m fully expecting to be posting more ridiculousness over the rest of the month.  You’ve been warned.


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Quick Fire Fantasy (Tag)


Bookstooge IS the Fire!

Joelendil tagged me with this and since it was his first time doing a tag on his blog, I wanted to make sure to actually do this instead of letting it languish in my “saved drafts” like the 3 other tags I currently have sitting in there.  I guess the point of this tag is to just react quickly to the questions with fantasy titles and not think, like a flame of fire racing along dried wood, devouring everything in its path.

Hope you have your s’mores ready!




The Last Dragon by Jane Yolen. One of the few times that the art overpowered me & one of the few graphic novels that impressed the ever-living daylights out of me.




Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher.  This is the first book in the Codex Alera series and the whole series is just fantastic.  Never could get into Dresden and almost gave up on Butcher, until I tried this. Now I am a fan of the author, just not Dresden.




The Warlock Holmes books (to date). I’m saving them to read until the series finishes. That is how I roll, yo, power to the people! #englishlivesmatter




Eye of the World by Robert Jordan. Not only WOULD I read this book again, but I WILL be reading this book, and series, again. Hopefully by the end of year if not a little sooner.




While MOST fantasy does take place on another world already, the book that sprang to mind was Magic Kingdom for Sale – Sold! by Terry Brooks. Ben buys a magic kingdom in a cataloge, thinking it’s a joke. Only to have it turn out to be a Real Magic Kingdom in another world and he is king indeed.




The Thirteenth Child by Patricia Wrede.  The Frontier Magic trilogy by Wrede takes place in an Alternate American West.  Wrede is one those female writers who doesn’t write warrior women grrrl power books and hence seems to not have caught the wave of social pukeitude sweeping the world. This is middle grade, so while it isn’t deeply complex, neither is it simplistic. Wrede is too good a writer for that!


I don’t tag people, just in case you didn’t know. But if you want something quick and easy, this definitely fits the category.  I will leave you now with the words from a song that are very apropos, even if I have nothing good whatsoever to say about the band.

Come on baby, light my fire
Come on baby, light my fire
Try to set the night on fire


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An Odd Conversation

Mrs B related the following story to me that she was reading:

Main Character is learning to fly a plane. He learns. Then Side Character says he wants to learn and Main Character puts on a space suit. They end up in space while flying the plane. Side Character teaches Main Character how to survive without breathing and they give the spacesuit to the flight instructor. They promptly crash into the space station, where the flight instructor and an American astronaut get mixed up and the astronaut flies back to Earth with Main Character and Side Character. End of related story.

I was going off about how that made NO SENSE whatsoever and Mrs B says something like “magic” and I replied “yes, stupid writer treating physics and ballistics like magic”. She then says “No, literally magic. Side Character is a magician.”  I end the conversation with “Well, as odd as it sounds, THAT actually makes way more sense.”

Ever have those really weird conversations?


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Lord of the Toothpastes


The Real Lord of the Toothpaste, Revealed at Last!


Three Spearmint for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven Cinnamints for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine Silly Strawberry for Mortal Men doomed to die,
One Fennel for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Tom’s of Maine where the Toothbrushes lie.
One Toothpaste to rule them all, One Toothpaste to find them,
One Toothpaste to bring them all, and in the Bathroom bind them,
In the Land of Tom’s of Maine where the Toothbrushes lie


A Parody by Bookstooge (or is it?)
*insert X-Files music*


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