Comment Purgatory? Update



After contacting Akismet, the company that deals with spam and spammers on wordpress, I appear to be back in action.  I was not told why my comments went straight to spam and honestly, I don’t care.

Now, any of the comments I might have left are still in your spam folders, but from here on out, any new comments by me should come through.


Now I can blab to my heart’s content. Thank you for your forbearance.



Original Post:

Last night I left a couple of comments on various blogs, no problem.  This morning, every comment I’ve left has disappeared. I’m guessing it went into peoples’ spam comment thingy. At first I thought it was because I’d hit the wrong button instead of “submit”, but nope, my comments are gonzo’d!

I know a couple of you have gone through the same thing. I’m going to wait until tomorrow and see if it fixes itself. If it doesn’t, does anyone know where I begin? This is one of the few downside of wordpress having such a hands off attitude.

So if I’m not saying anything on your posts, I’m trying, honest!






The Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter – Kickstarter Starts Tomorrow 12Noon

32177852 So, in my last post, I just announced that The Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter was going to be a kickstarter.

Today, Michael Sullivan released the details over on his blog:

Kickstarter Launch Date



Starts tomorrow, October 5th, at 12noon Easter Standard Time

He has included a graph showing all the various levels of backing and what you can get. I’m definitely going for the Hardcore Level. Love me some hardcovers!

The Early Bird specials – 20% off – are limited to 50 each. Considering how many people backed The Death of Dulgath I suspect these will go within an hour maybe two. Which means since I work out in the field, chopping down trees, that I won’t be near a computer at lunchtime to take advantage of the Early Bird. Cry me a river of blood tears!

The kickstarter ends October 26th at 8:30pm eastern standard time. I will try to do a post the day before it ends just to remind anyone, just in case.

Please visit Michael’s blog for the nitty gritty.



Surviving A Bad Book – The Boy and the Peddler of Death (The Tale of Onora #1)

boy-and-the-peddler-of-deathThe best thing about this book was it’s cover. I’ve included a high-def picture if you click the picture. It is a FINE looking cover, one of the best for an indie author that I’ve ever seen.

Ok, so this book, The Boy and the Peddler of Death was bad. My review says all I need to say about how bad it was. Harold’s Purple Crayon level of purple prose mixed with a juvenile sense of self-importance and puerile philosophy. Heck, I couldn’t even finish it and it was ONLY 107 pages!!

However, for it to have gotten into my “Surviving a Bad Book” series, it really needed to do something to step down from all the others. So let me tell you a story.

I was on GR at the time, probably my 3rd or 4th time and I was occasionally writing reviews for books that deserved what Goodreads would give them. This was one such book. Several months after I’d written my review, I found out that a young lady had written a review of it as well and been savaged by the author.  Enough so that it appears he was kicked off of GR or at least had all his comments deleted. Good Times on Goodreads.  The thing is, my review was way more confrontational than hers while she tried to be diplomatic. And yet she got the argument. That puts the author, Dylan Saccoccio square into my Scumbag sights. Picking on a girl because you are afraid of a guy? It makes me laugh and cry at the same time.

So there you have it, folks, another entry in the Surviving A Bad Book posts. Thankfully, these past 2 entries have both been on the lighthearted side.  I’m going to try to keep things that way but there will be a couple of entries where things are just plain bad. I’ll try to give a shoutout for those right at the beginning though.





SaBB – The Space Vampires


The Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter – General Update

32177852Ok, this post is a promo post about a book that I’m excited for.

I’ve been reading Sullivan’s various Riyria books since 2010. I’ve enjoyed all 10 books of them so far.

Sullivan is a hybrid author, doing his thing for the Publishers while releasing other books as an indie. He’s one of the few indies I don’t rant on, as he does a good job of actually DOING his job as an author.

His newest book, The Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter, is coming out December 5th. However, much like with his Death of Dulgath, he’s going to be doing a Kickstarter for it to provide hardcovers and trade paperbacks for those of us who love more than just ebooks or mass market paperbacks. Here is his latest post about the project:

In His Own Words


Quick and dirty? Kickstarter starts October 1st, runs for 3 weeks. There will be early bird specials, just like for Dulgathand be aware, the early bird specials for that were GONE within HOURS of the kickstarter going live. I’m going to be backing this project and hope that I can get in on the early bird stuff this time around.

I’ll try to do another post the day before the Kickstarter starts, just as a reminder to anyone who is interested. You can also get on the email list from Sullivan’s post so you’ll be auto-reminded.




The “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire” Mystery Blogger Award

Yesterday Kelly tagged me in a post of hers for one of those Award posts. I politely thanked her and told her I had NO intention of doing it, because I’m me, and that means I’m contrary, at times, just because.

So here I am, 24hrs later, showing what a Liar I am. *insert very loud fire engine noises*

With that spirited intro, here we go!



The Rules:

There are NO Rules! That’s why this is a Mystery. Who knows what the rules are?


Three Things About Me:

I am 7ft tall.

I’m totally a vegan.

I would rather poke out my eyes than sit on a couch all day, reading a book and listening to Enya. Ugh!


Questions From Kelly:


1) What is a book that you can read over and over again?

Space VampiresIt’s just SO smexylicious!!

2) What is your least favorite book you’ve read?

Probably Way-Farer by Dennis Schmidt. I hate that book so much I’ve read it at least 5 times, just to torture myself.

3) Where is your favorite place to relax and de-stress?

Work. Nothing relaxes me like a couple of feet of snow and sub-freezing temperatures!

4) What is your favorite thing to buy other than books?

Rockstar. I drink it by the gallon until my heart explodes from all the caffeine!

5) Coffee or tea?

I prefer the Blood of My Enemies. Zesty tangy drink with that great iron after-taste!


My Questions for Nominees: 

How many banks have you robbed?

Would you rather die by eating Mcdonalds fast food or drowning in someone else’s sweat?

Do you know our lord and destroyer, Saint Cthulhu?

Which torturous death would you give your dear old mum from the movie The Abominable Dr. Phibes?


My Best Posts: (I’m being Fo’Real, schizzle mcdizzle, on dis one!)

A Milestone

Night of Knives  (what?!  I have NO idea why to be honest)

I Will Make Them Cry



I Nominate:


And if I see this post going around, I’ll hunt the perpetrators down like rabid kittens!



Teeny little postscript:

Thanks Kelly. This was a lot of fun to twist around and I never would have done it if you hadn’t given me the initial push!



Book Tag: The TBR Tag

Saw this at Dragon & Zombies a little bit ago and decided I’d save it and do it later. Later is now Now.

Picture heavy and complicated. I had a lot of fun putting this together though, as organizing things brings joy to my heart.





How do you keep track of your TBR pile?

This is a complicated procedure, at least the setup. Once it’s setup, then it rolls along like a well oiled machine.

  1. Choose a book to put on my TBR
  2. Put said book into Calibre with the TBR tag and sort by “date added”
  3. Load 100’ish books onto my Kindle, sorted by Series
  4. Remove TBR tag from those books in Calibre.
  5. Repeat Steps 1 & 2
  6. When I finish a series on my Kindle, I remove said series from my Kindle
  7. Replace finished series with the next series that has the TBR tag from Calibre
  8. Keep my Kindle filled with 100-150 book so I’m not reading the same thing within weeks
  9. Keep my Calibre TBR library at 100-150. Ruthlessly not adding books does this just fine.


All picture should be clickable for more detail.







Is your TBR mostly print or ebook?



How do you determine which book from your TBR to read next?

By whatever is next. My reading is like a grindstone. It goes slowly, but I crush that TBR into fine meal.


A book that’s been on your TBR the longest:

In Calibre, the Starfisher trilogy by Glen Cook has been on my TBR since August of 2016


A book that you recently added to your TBR:

Stinger by McCammon and Mr Mercedes by King. Both are Halloween’ish reads and the King book is in preparation for doing a buddy-read with BookCupidity.


A book that’s on your TBR strictly because of its beautiful cover:

Stranger of Tempest


With my avatar coming from the game Heretic/Hexxen, something like this is going to instantly appeal to me.


A book on your TBR that you never plan on actually reading:

I’m not one of “those” kind of people. I used to be though. But now, I only add book that I know I’ll read.


An unpublished book on your TBR that you’re excited for:

The Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter by Michael Sullivan.

The kickstarter for the hardcover should be starting up soon and I’ll be doing a post for that.


A book on your TBR that basically everyone has read except you:

Once again, I’m not one of “those” people. I only add a book if a reviewer I trust has reviewed it or if there are enough other reviews for me to figure out if it will push my button or not. The whole “popularity” reading thing is for a different generation than me.


A book on your TBR that everyone recommends to you:

Thankfully, almost all of you never recommend books to me. I’m thankful for that. I read your review and make up my own mind.


A book on your TBR that you’re just dying to read:

For these kind of book, I have a High Priority collection on my Kindle. I keep that Collection on the front page of my kindle and cycle through it whenever it gets to the bottom of the page. I also try to follow this same procedure for my manga reading.


The books in it right now are:

Sixth Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko [Currently Reading]

Dancer’s Lament by Ian Esslemont

The Punch Escrow by Tal Klein


The number of books on your TBR shelf:

130’ish on my Kindle

130 in Calibre

260’ish in Total

Olya knew that, because she’d read about it on the Internet, and the result of three years of obsessive reading is not merely superfluous knowledge, but also excessive confidence in the printed word.

Page 27


“A Jewish vampire?” I exclaimed in amazement. “Well, he certainly violated all the Talmudic prohibitions.”

Page 219

The Sixth Watch – Sergei Lukyanenko