Ninja High School, Vol. 6

Ninja High School Pocket Manga #6Ninja High School, Vol. 6

Ben Dunn

2 of 5 stars


While slightly better than Vol 5 [at least this time Jeremy is in some of the story], this is nothing to get excited about.

Stupid Terminator ripoff was not funny.
And combat cheerleaders, while an interesting fight, was just to over the top without the funny…


Ninja High School, Vol. 5

Ninja High School Pocket Manga #5
Ninja High School, Vol. 5

Ben Dunn



This wasn’t about Feeple and the hot babes fighting over him.

It was about vampires and Professor Steamhead! I HATE steamhead stories. They are so pointless…

Ninja High School, Vol. 4

Ninja High School Pocket Manga #4 (Ninja High SchoolNinja High School, Vol. 4

Ben Dunn

My rating: 2 of 5 stars


This was not very much about Jeremy Feeple or anything.

We get one story where he finds his dad who has become the king of the rats.

Then we get some lame-o story about fair.

And finally we get a super lame story that totally parody’s the Secret Wars comic series by Marvel comics.