American Gods

11275360American Gods
by Neil Gaiman
Ebook, 560 Pages
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


I enjoyed this on a mental level, but had so many issues with Gaiman’s world philosophy that I had to completely compartmentalize while reading this.

Well written, very interesting ideas and quite the con game. I can see why many people would like this book. It tells a dramatic, gripping story and looks at American through non-American eyes, but without all the anti-imperial bullshit so common in many modern European writings [which is SO hypocritical that I want to puke sometimes].

Now, the quick philosophical look. This is philosophy 101 for the lazy. which is why it is so popular. Take an idea that has been around for 1000’s of years, modernize it, streamline it, rub off all the hard edges, everything that actually makes you think, and voila, you have a wonderful philosophical “idea”.

Which is great for your a-typical modern human in a first world country who refuses to look at logic and philosophy as a logical school of thought.

All these slams are not slams on the book, but on the intended audience. I think Gaiman wrote a perfect piece for his audience. Pseudo-psychology, some darkness to scare us, some big warm fuzzies to warm us up.