Starship #3
Mike Resnick
Epub-338 pages
3 Stars

The Crew become mercenaries and win battle after battle, usually through brain, not brawn. Clever, witty. Same as the previous books. If you liked them, you’ll like this.

The shine is starting to wear thin on the Captain’s brilliance though, which is why this got 3 starts instead of 4.


Starship #2
Mike Resnick
Epub-165 pages
4 Stars

The captain and crew decide to pirate other pirates. By the end of the story they realize that that won’t cut it and are thinking about becoming mercenaries. Resnick’s universe is full of historical character references and this one was with Dickens. I loved it.

A nice formulaic mashed potatoes and gravy of a story. And the inclusion of Dickens’ references made me happy. Nothing spectacular stands out, but I had fun reading this and enjoyed the unfolding story.

Starship: Mutiny

Starship #1
Mike Resnick
3 Stars
163 Pages, Epub

taking place in the same universe as the Santiago books, this is about a misfit Space Navy guy who is so disgusted at his superiors, for punishing him for doing a good job because it wasn’t by the book, that he convinces a ragtag crew to turn pirate with him. I guess there are several more books in the series. I’m going to try to find them.

A good yarn about a good man driven to the extremes by the complete incompetence of his superiors.

I gave a ‘hurrah!’ when he commissioned a Jolly Roger flag at the end.