Life Advice…w/ Dr. Bookstooge



It’s one of those kind of days.  I’ve got diarrhea of the brain and fingers, so I’ve got a ton of nonsense just waiting to explode onto the screen.


My first piece of advice, to anyone, male, female, tall, short, smart or stupid, is to not have parents. Any problem you might have, it can be avoided by simply not having parents.  Now, if you’re reading this, you’ve obviously ignored this piece of advice. Don’t worry, 100% of people who come to me for advice have ALSO ignored this advice. You are not alone in this.


(Of course, if you’re listening to that song by Michael Jackson, well, you get what you deserve, in my professional medical opinion)


Most people, when they come to me for Parental Pod advice, ask me what they can “do” about their problem.  The thing is, as I shake my wisely visage and appear sympathetic, is to deconstruct the thinking behind that “do”.  Most people don’t realize that Parental Pods (will be referred to as PP’s from hereon in) are also people too. Yes, you heard that right. Most other doctors don’t subscribe to this idea, but if you carefully examine the evidence, you’ll see that I, Doctor Bookstooge, am right. Not just a little bit right, but COMPLETELY right. I call this groundbreaking theory, Parental Pods are People Too, or PPaPT to keep things snappy. My clients like it when I use acronyms. Lets them know that I’m hip with the jiving lingo that the kids use today. Now, if those same kids would just stay off my lawn, we’d be all set.

The second thing to realize is since PPaPT applies, this means that every mood, feeling and thought you have, they also apply to the PP in question. Are you a stubborn jackass sometimes? Are you an opinionated, hotheaded loudmouth? Well, I hate to break it to you, but your PP were those things first. This makes them much more experienced in such things.  Accept the fact that you can’t be more “X” than your PP.


Yes, this post applies to you too, you stubborn, hotheaded, opinionated, loudmouthed jackass.


My final advice to most patients suffering from one form of PP or another, is that they can’t actually do anything about it.  It once again comes down to our PPaPT philosophy here at Dr McBookstooges Inc.  We believe that most cases of PP just need to run their course, kind of like the man-flu.



And I believe that is probably all the medical advice that needs to be packed into one post. Any more and readers would start losing their minds and begin worshipping me as a veritable dynamo of divine wisdom.


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Black Mountain (Alex Hunter #4)


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Title: Black Mountain
Series: Alex Hunter #4
Author: Greig Beck
Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Genre: Action/Adventure
Pages: 312
Format: Kindle digital edition


Synopsis:  Spoilers

Alex Hunter has recovered physically while in Israel. Unfortunately, his mind has not and he can’t remember who he is or who anyone else is either. Upon realizing he has been lied to and with some of his powers returning, Alex returns to the United States seeking out his mother.

At the same time, “Something” has come out of the Black Mountain and people are missing. Matt Kearns, a scientist from the first book, is roped into investigating.

One Night. One Black Mountain. Many disparate and dangerous groups. And one monster. All come together in one explosive orgy of violence and death.


My Thoughts: Spoilers

This was fun, and probably more so because Alex Hunter isn’t as big a part of things. That does seem to be the formula Beck likes. Ramp the tension up and THEN bring in the Arcadian.

There were a lot of different threads here. Alex and Israeli Commando Lady. Scientist Matt and his pals and the cops. Mossad Hit Squad going after Alex and Lady. HAWC’s commander Hammerson seeking out Alex and Lady. Cops seeking out the lost people. A slightly successful version of the Arcadian formula being field tested against Alex. And then the monster/s killing people, taking people, eating people. It all worked together pretty good and I never felt like POV was ever too short or too long. It was a skillfully woven tapestry of a story.

It did have it’s eye rolling moments though.

The monsters have supposedly been underground for 13,000 years living by the light of lichens and they’re just acclimating to the light fine and being super de dooper killers? Guns have little effect on their hides but knives stop them? They don’t blink at modern tech at all or feel confusion at it? Finally, the whole “oh, they’re not really the bad guys, we just treated them badly” bullshit. That turned my stomach.

Then there is the people side of things.

One of the scientists with Matt refuses to go into the cave but then they find the boot of a missing little girl and suddenly said scientist can’t be stopped from going in and all they have is a hand gun? Cops disobeying direct orders from the Chief of Police, to his face?

Some of the good stuff. The 3 experiments of the Arc-044 formula. They’re as strong as Alex and even more determined but completely gone round the bend and literally rotting away. Super soldiers indeed. We’ll definitely be seeing more of them. Alex and another HAWC fighting the bigfoots. That was just cool. Alex taking out a group of terrorists in Egypt before coming to the U.S. He throws a terrorist out a window, who has explosives strapped to his body, and shoots him so he blows up in the air, 3 stories up. Now is that cool or what?

By the end of the book though, Alex is wanted by the Israeli’s and the United States more as a lab specimen than anything else. He disappears but I wonder how he’ll survive on his own or if Hammerson will covertly supply him. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.




Douglas E. Richards

My rating: 2 of 5 stars


I rated the sample I read 4stars, as the prologue and first chapter or two held some real promise of a kickass story.

And overall, this was a decent cyber-thriller. Near the middle it started getting philosophical/theological and denying the existence of God. Lots of psychobabble about evolution “forcing” survival traits on humanity.

Then in the epilogue it lost it for me. Started talking about humanity “helping” god become God, or perhaps humanity becoming god.

Done with this author.

The Stress of Her Regard

The Stress of Her Regard
The Stress of Her Regard

Tim Powers

My rating: 2 of 5 stars


Normally, I’d probably be giving this a 4star rating. It was extremely well written, exciting, horrifying, action-packed and chock full of blood and magic.

So stop there if you liked this book.

The main reason I’m going with 2stars is because the week that I read this book I worked double shifts almost every day, was coming down from dealing with my first ABB and had no emotional cushion to deal with this book.

It many ways it was brutal. When Michael wakes up the first morning and sees Julia and reacts, I almost screamed right along with him. When the children and relatives keep dying off, something inside me just curled up and died with them. When Keats did what he needed to to keep others safe, I almost cried. When Byron tried to have the best of both worlds [or at least the non-worst of both], I wanted to shoot him.

The only other books by Powers that I’ve read have been The Anubis Gates and On Stranger Tides. Both were pretty cool and I especially liked Anubis, as it was pretty much a character kicking ass, making the best of a bad situation and coming out on top at the end.
This book, not so much. I felt like the characters, all of them, were barely making it through each day and that was just depressing to me the reader.

So to end. If you’ve enjoyed Powers other books, you’ll probably like this one. If you like vampires, you’ll probably like this one.
But if you’re an emotional person like me, wait to read this until you’ve got some reserves to deal with it. You’ll need it.

Baen: Free Stories 2011

Free Stories 2011

Patrick Lundrigan, Editor

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


This collection of short stories runs the gamut from the absolutely awesome to the unbearably dull.

Most of these stories appear to take place in each of the authors’ own universe. So if you are not familiar with that universe, you’re going to feel like an interloper at a party.

Honestly though, the worst I can say is that some of these stories were just boring.

And the good stuff really makes up for it. I liked the following stories.

Zahn’s story took place in his Cobra War trilogy. It was a typical Zahn. I wasn’t blown away, but I did enjoy it and I enjoyed the extra “boost” to the overall trilogy that this story added.

Second was a story called “Intelligent Design” that dealt with a young boy who discovers some sort of sentient computer. I really liked the idea.

Third, last and Best, was Larry C’s short MHI story “Tanya: Princess of the Elves”. Edward the urk is just awesome. And it was pretty amusing to see a little more into the elve’s world, of ho-ho’s and ranch dressing 🙂

I got this for free from Baen []. Not sure I would have paid for this.

Beyond Varallan

Stardoc II: Beyond VarallanBeyond Varallan

Stardoc #2

S.L. Viehl

My rating: 1 of 5 stars


I was hoping that Viehl would move beyond the rape in a tasteful way.

But about 40 pages in, Cherijo tries to jump Reever’s bones, and thinks of their “previous time” [ie, the rape scene in book one] as something sexually stimulating.

What kind of sick author is Viehl? The victim of rape is saying it was good for her too? In most cases of rape, the victim reacts 1 of 3 ways:

1)They blame themselves and turn inward.
2)They say it doesn’t matter and then become sexual predators, of a sort, themselves
3)They can’t accept what happened, and so think of it as a good experience, ie, deny reality.

Cherijo exhibits classic symptoms of a psychologically broken woman.

And I’m supposed to enjoy reading about this? This is sick, sick, sick. Shame on Viehl.



Stardoc #1

S.L. Viehl

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


This was on a very quick path to 5Stars.

A young woman is fleeing her home and Earth, as her father, who is a brilliant and controlling surgeon, has her life all planned out for her.
She flees to a small colony to be part of the medical team. A colony made up of mostly non-Terrans, as humans are called. Did I mention that the controlling father is a leader in a Terrans Only group?

So the young daughter begins her work. Lots of adventures, some romance and then a very large catastrophe on an epidemic level. Which proceeds to an even larger personal crisis for our intrepid heroine.

The story ends with some seriously weird info being revealed. Really made me want to rush out and read the next book. But I didn’t. For the following reasons.

1)There is one scene where she and her new lover consumate their love. It was explicit and did nothing to make the story better. It was for pure titillation and “sex sells”. I was disappointed it had been added, but would have gone on to the next book, if it weren’t for the next reason.

2) There is a graphic rape scene. This is what really turned me off from this book. The reasons for why it happened are explained. But the graphicness of it, the reactions of those involved, just made me feel dirty. I had to stop reading for several days before I could go back and finish the story.

So I will be reading the next book at some time in the future, but Viehl is on serious probation. There had better be NOTHING I don’t like in the next book for me to continue the series past Book 2.