Doom Marines!

Back in January I wrote a post about how I’d gotten the Doom board game and some markers and other Tools of the Trade. This was my foray into the world of miniature painting, errr, markering? I think it is obvious that since this is my first follow up post that I am in no danger of turning into a hobby miniaturist. All pictures should be clickable for bigger pix.

Here are the 4 Space Marines facing off against a slightly obscured (unmarkered) Duke of Hell. The marines are supposed to be Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. The red was a bit darker than I expected and the “yellow” really turned more of a lime green. I suspect the tan of the mini’s themselves played a part in that.

These are the yellow and blue that I just finished yesterday. Unfortunately, my camera phone doesn’t like taking really close pictures. But you can see that I stuck with the “silver” scheme for the weapons, black for boots and hands and then one solid color for the base and body. You will never win any Aesthetic Awards using markers and I’m even worse. Just look at the feet. But all I need is a bit of color to liven up the game. No masterpieces here!

Thankfully, Mrs B’s phone has a “focus” function. You can really see here how the coverage isn’t that great. I’m sure I could go over it again with the ultra-fine marker and try to fill in the gaps, but that is not going to happen. My eyes aren’t good enough to see this unaided, so what do I care?

My next goal is to get a couple of the doom demons markered up. I will say that all the little details on these mini’s makes using markers a very sub-optimal option, IF making them look good is your goal. I think the markers would work much better on broad flat surfaces.

Considering my track record, if I can get in one more “Minis” post before New Years I’ll be doing well 😀

Tools of the Trade

In my post about the board game Doom, I talked about coloring up the miniatures used for it. At the time I was waiting until after Christmas to see if I got any of the supplies I’d asked for. Well, Christmas has come and gone and the tools I need have all arrived.

Because I Know Thyself, I know that painting is absolutely out of the question. It is too fiddly and detail oriented for me. I’m not even a broad stroke kind of guy! So I decided to try sharpie markers. Fine and Extra Fine in multiple colors should give me enough options to work with. No details here, just a man and his sharpies!

Mrs B knew I was going to get into this at some point and so for Christmas she got a few things that I know will come in handy. In fact, I hadn’t even thought about these until I opened them up, so she was just one step ahead of me. Kind of like Psychic Grandma, only much, Much, MUCH nicer. The glasses are magnifying glasses (160%) and have little lights on the side, that way I can keep my hands free while still being able to see what I need to. The regular magnifying glass is for when I need that Extra Boost of Vision.

And just so you can see what the end result is going to be, I’ve included 2 of the space marines. One is fully sharpie’d and the other has his boots, hands and weapon done. I haven’t decided what color to make his suit and base yet. They’re messy, not neat, not completely covered and I don’t care. They’re good enough for a game that I haven’t even played yet!