10 Manly Things To Do…

Here is a list of 45 Manly Things To Do:


I’m just going to list the 10 I like best. Because obviously, a manly man like myself needs to do manly things like this occasionally.


1) Reading. SURPRISE!

2) Classic Car Restoration. Sadly, my auto skills are limited to putting in the gas and taking it to the mechanics. But I would LIKE to.

3) Marksmanship. I go to the range with my brother and shoot 9mm pistols on a semi-regular basis. I can hit a person-shaped target, so that counts 🙂

4) Collecting. My 1000’s of Magic the Gathering can attest to this.

5) Whittling. I used to whittle Muscle Men back in elementary school. Until the day I sliced myself to the bone with a razor blade. My dad decided that was the end of that particular activity.

6) Hiking.  I do that for work!

7) Card Playing. Once again, MTG is my pinch hitter for this.

8) Beer brewing. I might be a tee-totaler, but some of my manly friends make their own beer and from what I have heard, it’s not half-bad.

9) Martial Arts. I took karate for some time and earned my blue belt.

10 ) Beard growing. Yep, got this one covered every winter.


Haven’t felt like writing any reviews this week so I needed to write something to keep my spirits up. So hopefully this a shot in the arm to you other men as well. As for you ladies, well, tough luck this time around 😀