A Princess of Landover

A Princess of Landover
Magic Kingdom of Landover #6
Terry Brooks
2 Stars
352 Pages

this was just another tired rehash. About Ben and Willow’s daughter.

She is a teenager and rebellious and is sent off to a library to fix it. She rebels, Edgewood Dirk the prism cat convinces her to go anyway, she goes, discovers an evil magician [there only seem to be evil or inept magicians in Landover by the way] who is trying to open a gate to Abaddon.

In the end she takes care of everything and learns a valuable lesson about listening to her elders and yet doing exactly what she wants to anyway.

I am not sure I can stomach much more of Brooks’ stuff. Give me at least another year or two.

Witches’ Brew

Witches’ Brew
Magic Kingdom of Landover #5
Terry Brooks
2 stars
304 pages

Ben and Willow’s child is kidnapped by Nightshade. Nightshade uses the child’s magic against Ben before he gets a clue and realizes what is going on. Ends with everything ok and Nightshade as a crow in our world.

This book had absolutely nothing interesting in it. Which is why it was the last of the Landover novels. But it was typical Brooks, so who knows why this series didn’t take off like the Shannara one.

The Tangle Box

The Tangle Box
Magic Kingdom of Landover #4
Terry Brooks
3 stars
334 pages

some evil faery creature gets loose and traps Ben, Nightshade and Strabo in his old trap. Willow gives birth. The inept conjurer who started all this mess fixes things by releasing Ben & Co and trapping the Gorse again. I enjoyed this novel the most since Magic Kingdom for Sale/Sold, which is surprising. Cause I remember hating this when I read it for the first time. Now I’m looking forward to the next one 🙂

Magic Kingdom for Sale – Sold!


Magic Kingdom for Sale – Sold!

Magic Kingdom of Landover #1

Terry Brooks

308 Pages

3 Stars


A man who is widowed, “buys” a Magic Kingdom because he has nothing left to live for. Ends up saving the Kingdom and himself. Isaac Demme pointed out that this Landover series was not good because there was no depth to the characters and that we only enjoyed the first one because it was all new. Since this is my 3rd or 4th time reading this, I was looking to disprove that. Sadly, I couldn’t. A good read, as long as you don’t read any of the following 🙂