Into the Looking Glass (Looking Glass #1)

Into the Looking Glass (Looking Glass, #1)Into the Looking Glass
Looking Glass #1
John Ringo
Ebook, 288 Pages
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Still gets 4 stars from me. Could have had a little more action and less eggheads discussing quantum mechanic theory.

But marines, aliens, guns and scientists. Plus Mimi and Tuffy. Just good stuff.


Into the Looking Glass

Into the Looking Glass (Looking Glass, #1)

Into the Looking Glass
Looking Glass #1
John Ringo
4 of 5 stars


Basically take Doom and parts of Starcraft, specifically the Zerg, add in some military hardware jargon and you’ve got this book. Some rogue physicist creates some kind of gate that throws out bosun particles, which allow gates to be opened to other planets. The dreen come through one and we go through another and meet some friendly aliens. The dreen take over planets and suck them dry of resources. The dreen are zerglike, growing creatures for specific needs.

Besides some profanity and some seriously over the top weapon specifications[it IS military scifi though], this was enjoyable. I plan on reading some more in this series ’cause this was a ton of fun.