Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland #2
Lewis Carroll
middle grade classic
3 stars
164 pages

Alice walks through a Mirror and sees what is on the other side. It is a living chess board. She makes her way across the board and becomes a Queen. Then she wakes up. Both of the Alice books were a bit more on the light side than I’d remembered. Not bad, just I remembered them as having more of a “heft” than I found this time πŸ™‚ Guess I am just getting old, hahaha.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

alicesadventuresinwonderland (Custom)Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland #1

Lewis Carroll

Juvenile Fiction

3 Stars

144 Pages


young Alice is bored, so she follows a rabbit down a rabbit hole and ends up in Wonderland. She shrinks and grows and shrinks and grows and meets all sorts of interesting characters. Then her sister wakes her up.