Emissary (Legends of the Realm #1)


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Title: Emissary

Series: Legends of the Realm

Author: Thomas Locke

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 401

Format: Kindle digital edition



Hyam, former mage apprentice and current farmer, is cast out of his village when it becomes obvious that he has a power that hasn’t been seen in the land for years. Somehow he must get a group together to overthrow the bad wizard and the bad king and save the land. All while bitter about life. Boohoo…


My Thoughts:

Some story tellers can weave their tale in such a way that you become part of the story. They are skillful artists, able to use words like food ingredients in a complicated and tasty recipe. Other story tellers can tell a story in such a way that you can picture what they are telling you. Finally, you have those who just tell a story without much skill and you kind of drag along for the ride.

Sadly, this was an example of the latter. It was a decent story, it just wasn’t that skillfully told.  In the right hands, it could have been a pretty good story. In many ways it reminded me of the Belgariad by Eddings.

I will not be reading the sequel. This just isn’t good enough for me to spend more time on.