Passage to Dawn

Passage to DawnPassage to Dawn

Legends of Drizzt #10

Legacy of the Drow #4

R.A. Salvatore

2 of 5 Stars


The last Drizz’t book I’ll be reading.

While Salvatore can write a good battle scene, it seems that he writes like a crap author in every other situation. Which is odd, as I’ve read his Star Wars books, and while not terribly impressed, I didn’t feel like a 10year old was writing the dialogue.

So farewell Mr Drizz’t. May you find a luscious dark elf who also likes goodness, mainly so that Salvatore can stop yanking your chain with these terribly forced, awkward, cross-species wannabe romances…

Siege of Darkness

Siege of DarknessSiege of Darkness

Legends of Drizzt #9

Legacy of the Drow #3

R.A. Salvatore

3 of 5 stars


As opposed to my other “Drizz’t” reads by Salvatore, I actually enjoyed this read. And halfway through I realized why.

Salvatore stopped writing about specific characters and got into “Big battle” mode. I realized Salvatore can’t do characterization worth a tinker’s pot. His characters are 2D, flat, boring, unemotional, etc, etc, which is why I did not like the previous books. I enjoyed the battle, a lot.

So while this was going to be my last “Drizz’t” book, I think I’ll give Salvatore another chance at Redemption [not that I’m holding out much hope mind you].

Starless Night

Starless NightStarless Night

Legends of Drizzt #8

Legacy of the Drow #2

R.A. Salvatore

My rating: 2 of 5 stars


Considering that this book “whatever” of the Drizzt series, I had some hopes that the writing would be a bit better.

It wasn’t.

I am going to finish this “Legacy” sub-series of Drizzt, then I’ll be done. It is sophomoric writing and I don’t have time to waste on crap like this. Storyline might be great in terms of ideas, but the technical aspect of the writing just makes me want to hurl.