Passage to Dawn

Passage to DawnPassage to Dawn

Legends of Drizzt #10

Legacy of the Drow #4

R.A. Salvatore

2 of 5 Stars


The last Drizz’t book I’ll be reading.

While Salvatore can write a good battle scene, it seems that he writes like a crap author in every other situation. Which is odd, as I’ve read his Star Wars books, and while not terribly impressed, I didn’t feel like a 10year old was writing the dialogue.

So farewell Mr Drizz’t. May you find a luscious dark elf who also likes goodness, mainly so that Salvatore can stop yanking your chain with these terribly forced, awkward, cross-species wannabe romances…

Siege of Darkness

Siege of DarknessSiege of Darkness

Legends of Drizzt #9

Legacy of the Drow #3

R.A. Salvatore

3 of 5 stars


As opposed to my other “Drizz’t” reads by Salvatore, I actually enjoyed this read. And halfway through I realized why.

Salvatore stopped writing about specific characters and got into “Big battle” mode. I realized Salvatore can’t do characterization worth a tinker’s pot. His characters are 2D, flat, boring, unemotional, etc, etc, which is why I did not like the previous books. I enjoyed the battle, a lot.

So while this was going to be my last “Drizz’t” book, I think I’ll give Salvatore another chance at Redemption [not that I’m holding out much hope mind you].

Starless Night

Starless NightStarless Night

Legends of Drizzt #8

Legacy of the Drow #2

R.A. Salvatore

My rating: 2 of 5 stars


Considering that this book “whatever” of the Drizzt series, I had some hopes that the writing would be a bit better.

It wasn’t.

I am going to finish this “Legacy” sub-series of Drizzt, then I’ll be done. It is sophomoric writing and I don’t have time to waste on crap like this. Storyline might be great in terms of ideas, but the technical aspect of the writing just makes me want to hurl.

The Legacy

The Legacy
Forgotten Realms: Legacy of the Drow #1
RA Salvatore
2 Stars
316 pages, paperbook

The dwarves have taken control of the mines. Drizz’t’s sister regains Lolth’s favor so she attempts to hunt down Drizz’t with Entreri’s help [the assassin]. Regis is kidnapped and used as a pawn and the group must enter the Underdark to rescue him and to free Drizz’t from the Drow. Cattie-Bri and Wulfgar have a falling out and Wulfgar apparently dies while in battle with one of Lolth’s servants.

Everything was telegraphed about 4 chapters ahead, so nothing was a surprise. Didn’t really enjoy this.