Wrath of the Bloodeye

The Last Apprentice: Wrath of the BloodeyeWrath of the Bloodeye

The Last Apprentice #5

Joseph Delaney

3 of 5 stars


An interesting story about ye ol’ apprentice broadening his horizons. New horrible creature to deal with, etc.

My issue with this was the definition of the fiend as the dark, but no corresponding force for the light. The line between dark & light is continuing to be blurred and the Spook is presented as an old fool for not using the dark against the dark.


Night of the Soul Stealer (The Last Apprentice #3)

11791885Night of the Soul Stealer
The Last Apprentice #3
Joseph Delaney
Ebook, 189 Pages
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Considering that it hasn’t even been a year, poor little Apprentice has had to put up with a lot!
And while he certainly makes some dumb mistakes, I don’t get pissed off at him. He is 12/13, for goodness’ sake. I blame Spook.  He never tells his apprentice anything fully, always shuts down his questions and then expects miracles out of him.

But everything turns out ok in the end. Which is very important, cause it seems like things are going to get real bad soon…