The Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter (Riyria Chronicles #4) ★★★★☆

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Title: The Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter
Series: Riyria Chronicles #4
Author: Michael Sullivan
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 344
Format: Digital Edition



Royce and Hadrian are hired to avenger the death of Genevieve Hargrave who is the daughter of Gabriel Winter, a rich merchant. She married Leopold Hargrave, the Duke of Rochelle and Winter is convinced that Leopold married her for her dowry and then murdered her. But no body has been recovered. So Winter wants the duo to find out what happened to her and then avenge her death with a fountain of blood, a fountain he is willing to pay for with everything from his coffers.

Once the duo reaches Rochelle, things don’t quite add up. At the same time the head of the Church of Novron is calling for a new King and every noble must be present to be in the running. This leads into Church politic’ing and a desire for revenge by a Mir, a half-human, half-elf named Villar.

Villar wants to murder all the nobles, take over the city of Rochelle and make it the capital of a new Mir city-state. What looks impossible isn’t so when it is revealed that he has the help of dwarves who can bring stone golems to life.

All this time Genny is alive and held captive by a faction of the Mir who just want equal rights in the town and a peaceful resolution to everything.

Everybody collides in a finale of bloody death but thankfully Hadrian and Royce rescue Genny, she is reunited with her husband who really does love her and events are set in motion that will have repercussions in the Riyria Revelations series.


My Thoughts:

Most Important!

This ebook says it has an ISBN of 978194336317 but if you can count, that is only 12 numbers. The hardcover I got through the Kickstarter has the correct isbn listed as 9781943363117. Goodreads still has it wrong. Business as usual for that place!

/End Important!

I really enjoyed this read. The banter, the danger, the mystery. It all came together just like every other Riyria book has. There is a flavor, a tone, to the these books and Sullivan keeps it unique and never strays from it. I like that.

I also liked that we didn’t have to wait until the end to know if Genny was alive or dead. She had her POV almost from the beginning and while it lessened that particular mystery, it simply increased the tension on other parts as I tried to figure out WHAT was going on and who was motivated by what.

I tore through this in about a day and a half. Kind of sad since I had been waiting 2 years since Death of Dulgath but hey, I’m not going to waste time artificially stretching my read out. I paid my money and I’m going to get my enjoyment Right Now!

Now that I’ve read this, I kind of want to re-read all 6 Riyria Revelations books and the previous 3 Riyria Chronicles books. Just to get a fuller picture. Also, to see how Sullivan’s writing has progressed. Well, maybe in a year or two. Honestly, I’d really like to wait until there are 6 Chronicles books to balance the Revelations books and then have a go. But since Sullivan is independently releasing these through Kickstarters and he has contractual obligations for other books, I doubt that will happen any time soon.




Book Haul – The Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter + Bonus Content


I participated in the Kickstarter for this hardcover of the jolly Riyria Chronicles series by Michael Sullivan.  It arrived Wednesday and it immediately went on my shelf next to all my other hardcover Riyria books by Sullivan.

Is that not a veritable vision of beauty?

Dang, I do love me some hardcover pictures, Mmmm, mmmmmm, good! That is all, carry on.


Bonus Content:

Not really, but this way I get to blab and you are tricked into reading it. Am I a smooth operator or what?


Back in 2015 I also participated in his Death of Dulgath kickstarter, which is book 3 of the Riyria Chronicles. I have come to realize that Sullivan is one of the few authors that I’m willing to pay $35+ for a hardcover just so that the book will exist. Both Winter and Daughter were great successes on Kickstarter and while it has been 2 years between books, I don’t have any problems with that wait.  I wonder if I’d be willing to fund more Kickstarters if they were handled like Sullivan handles his?

My recent Surviving a Bad Book post brought Michael Stackpole back to mind and his fantastic book Talion: RevenantThere has been a push over the years to get a sequel but Stackpole doesn’t seem to have ever really wanted to, for various reasons. That would be a Kickstarter I’d be willing to back just for an ebook edition, much less a hardcover. It just makes me wonder why he doesn’t try a Kickstarter though? Winter’s Daughter had 2000 backers and over $80K raised. Of course, Sullivan is always out there interacting with his fans and mugging for more. One of those ineffable mysteries I guess?



The Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter – Kickstarter Starts Tomorrow 12Noon

32177852 So, in my last post, I just announced that The Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter was going to be a kickstarter.

Today, Michael Sullivan released the details over on his blog:

Kickstarter Launch Date



Starts tomorrow, October 5th, at 12noon Easter Standard Time

He has included a graph showing all the various levels of backing and what you can get. I’m definitely going for the Hardcore Level. Love me some hardcovers!

The Early Bird specials – 20% off – are limited to 50 each. Considering how many people backed The Death of Dulgath I suspect these will go within an hour maybe two. Which means since I work out in the field, chopping down trees, that I won’t be near a computer at lunchtime to take advantage of the Early Bird. Cry me a river of blood tears!

The kickstarter ends October 26th at 8:30pm eastern standard time. I will try to do a post the day before it ends just to remind anyone, just in case.

Please visit Michael’s blog for the nitty gritty.



The Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter – General Update

32177852Ok, this post is a promo post about a book that I’m excited for.

I’ve been reading Sullivan’s various Riyria books since 2010. I’ve enjoyed all 10 books of them so far.

Sullivan is a hybrid author, doing his thing for the Publishers while releasing other books as an indie. He’s one of the few indies I don’t rant on, as he does a good job of actually DOING his job as an author.

His newest book, The Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter, is coming out December 5th. However, much like with his Death of Dulgath, he’s going to be doing a Kickstarter for it to provide hardcovers and trade paperbacks for those of us who love more than just ebooks or mass market paperbacks. Here is his latest post about the project:

In His Own Words


Quick and dirty? Kickstarter starts October 1st, runs for 3 weeks. There will be early bird specials, just like for Dulgathand be aware, the early bird specials for that were GONE within HOURS of the kickstarter going live. I’m going to be backing this project and hope that I can get in on the early bird stuff this time around.

I’ll try to do another post the day before the Kickstarter starts, just as a reminder to anyone who is interested. You can also get on the email list from Sullivan’s post so you’ll be auto-reminded.




The Death of Dulgath (Riyria Chronicles #3)

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Title: The Death of Dulgath

Series: Riyria Chronicles

Author: Michael Sullivan

Rating:  4 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 432




Royce and Hadrian are almost broke. So they take a job. A job that entails planning an assassination of the Lady Dulgath so that her security can prevent just such an assassination.

Of course, it being Royce and Hadrian, things don’t go quite according to plan.


My Thoughts:

Exhibit Number One:



As soon as I read that the Lady Dulgath’s name was Nysa, I immediately suspected some things and was right. I just hadn’t suspected ALL the things and Sullivan did a good job of tipping me over.

This was fun. It was also VERY informative. I had not realized that Royce didn’t know of his Elven heritage and so that revelation came as quite the shocker to him.  Just like all the other Riyria books, this was just a romp. It doesn’t try to be all epic and weighty and that is good as Sullivan’s style doesn’t lean in that direction.

However, he sure is a great storyteller! I wish I had more to say about the actual story, but I don’t. You’ll either like this or you won’t.

I was one of the backers that got this booked created on Kickstarter. I own all the Riyria books in hardcover and wanted this one as well. So I put my money where my mouth was. As did over 1800 people. And now I’m famous. Well, maybe not famous, but “Bookstooge” is one of the backers listed in the book at the end.

I also really enjoyed the fact that Sullivan included the first chapter of his new series coming out later this year. It is a prequel series set some 1000-3000 years before the Riyria books and deals with the Empire of Man coming into being and throwing off their Elven gods. I’m sure that Novron’s beginning, one of the main splinter gods in the Riyria books, will be shown with some sort of twist.

I would like more of Royce and Hadrian. Preferably 3 more novels in the Chronicles series to match the 6 of the Revelations. Sullivan has not ruled out such but also hasn’t made any promises. Smart man.