Slanted Jack

Slanted JackSlanted Jack

Jon & Lobo #2

Mark L. Van Name

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


My tablet decided to crash on me so I couldn’t add stars, shelves or a review of this until I got to my desktop.

And that is what this series seems to be about, and yet still be stultifying. I love the whole premise of Jon and Lobo. Meta-human and super warmachine team up to take on the universe.

Only, they don’t. They hide, they skulk, they pout, they whine.

I enjoyed the read, but it was like going 55mph, while I was in a ferrari. It could have been so much more.

I think I am done with Mr. Van Name…

One Jump Ahead

One Jump AheadOne Jump Ahead

Jon & Lobo #1

Mark L. Van Name

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


We are introduced to a worn, weary, nano-bot infested mercenary. Who happens to have a thing about his sister, who he doesn’t know if she is alive or not. After the 5th time of him having a flashback, or a memory, or some whine, about her, it really got tiresome.

He also is incredibly stupid, getting tricked, because he won’t do the proper interrogation of people. He simply needed to do a quick search on the captive and he would have learned whose daughter she truly was.

But he buys a powerful AI ship, who he is always complaining about as being to smart-alecky.

Then everything ends happily and he sails off into the stars to continue his life.

If I come across the rest of the series for free, I’ll definitely read them, but wouldn’t really want to pay for them.