Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith #6
John Miller
Epub-27 pages
3 Stars
Short story

the direct sequel to the story before. The jedi marooned hooks up with a sith and they decide to turn their backs on their respective orders and live in the wilderness.

Knight Errant

Star Wars: The Old Republic
John Miller
Epub-310 pages
2 Stars

Follows one young jedi knight who is stranded in the Sith empire. She runs around causing havoc and ends up rescuing a bunch of kids while facing down several different sith lords. Very abrupt shifts from sith lord to sith lord. Felt forced and I didn’t really enjoy it.

A razor thin plot with forced jumps from one sith lord/action scene to another. Kerra Holt is a pathetic excuse for a jedi character and she seems to really be skirting the darkside edge, with all her anger and hate. Miller needs to stick to his short stories and leave the novels to those who can handle it.


Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith #5
John Miller
3 Stars
Epub, 30 Stories

a jedi is on the sith world, having crashed. He takes in a disgraced Sith, who finds out he is a jedi. It ends with the appearance of the Sith about to betray him to gain her status back.