The Sword of the Spirits

The Sword of the Spirits
Sword of the Spirits #3
John Christopher
1 stars

Seers[hidden scientists] want Luke to unite the city states to oppose the eventual barbian hordes coming. His betrothed and best friend fall in love, Luke is deposed as Prince of Winchester, gains an ally from the Wilsh, gains the knowledge of guns from the Seers, punishes Winchester, becomes the next Wilsh king, but takes not wife. Ends. So depressing. Couldn’t recommend this series to young people. Well written, but this depressing story isn’t something they need to read yet…

Beyond the Burning Lands

Beyond the Burning Lands
Sword of the Spirits #2
John Christopher
2 stars

Luke’s father dies, his older brother gains the throne promised Luke. Luke goes to a distant city[the Wilsh] to open trade. Slays a monster, is betrothed to the kings daughter, returns, kills his brother and takes the throne. Depressing about half way thru.