Asian Saga #3
by James Clavell
Ebook, 1248 Pages
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What a sprawling book. Not sure what to say.

I guess it will be interesting to see what the next book is like, since I couldn’t see where the Noble House is going…


Asian Saga #2
James Clavell
Epub-655 pages
4 Stars
Historical fiction

Wow. I really enjoyed Shogun, but this was on another level of greatness. Follows one English trader who is trying to get into the chinese market and is lobbying for Hong Kong. Tons of drama and excitement. Political and cultural adventures. Family and Foes. The main character’s strength of will dragged you the reader along with him. I felt excited when he was excited, sad when he was sad, etc, etc. Definitely a favorite now.

I enjoyed this more than Shogun, mainly because the tension was ratcheted up by the quarrel between the Struans and the Brocks.