Iron Druid Chronicles #4

Kevin Hearne

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


All of my complaints about the earlier books [sex goddesses at a drop of a hat, pop culture references out the wazoo, immature behavior from a 2000 year old man] were pretty much dealt with in this book. It is almost like the author read all my complaints and fixed them.

However, it is too late. This IS the final Iron Druid book for me. Urban fantasy has to be done perfectly for me to keep reading it, as I don’t particularly care for UF.

Maybe if the series had started out like this book and not the previous three, I would keep on going. But I just don’t care.

Atticus comes across as a spoiled brat [even when talking about his past wife and kids, it still came across as “me, me, me”] and while I don’t usually root for the hero to get hurt, I just wanted to smack the attitude out of him and pound him til he breaks, bloodily.

If you’ve enjoyed, a lot, the previous books, I think you’ll like this book as much and will probably like the future books. I just can’t take any more UF…


Iron Druid Chronicles #3
by Kevin Hearne
Ebook, 273 Pages
My rating: 2 of 5 stars


This will be the final book I read in this series; it just pushed the irreligious button too hard for me to ignore anymore.

Anyway, w1z3 0l dru1d g3ts tog3th3r with palz and goez aftuh Th0000r!

and they kill Thor and a whole ton of the viking pantheon.

this struck me as odd. If they could do this, why hadn’t other groups assembled and there been war “in the heavens”, as it were? And using Thor as an example of a “killer” god who ruined countless lives? What about some of those hindu gods? It just seemed capricious on the part of the author to pick Thor, like he wanted to use the title and wrote a story around that.

Anyway, done with this series. No more interest even when other books do come out.


Iron Druid Chronicles #2
by Kevin Hearne
Ebook, 246 Pages
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

You know, while I enjoyed this overall, several things made me glad I’m not paying hardcover prices for these.

Kinky sex. Why is it everytime Atticus jumps in the sack with some goddess who can destroy him, that it is abnormal? Either the actual act [sex magic to fix his ear? anyone?] or it is just a ruse by one deity on another? And then the apprentice. Atticus has sex, lots and lots it seems, with immortal beings of unearthly appeal.
AND HE CAN’T EVEN LOOK AT HIS APPRENTICE? Geez, what exactly is in his tea, stupid?

Along with that, I understand that the author is trying to make him relevant by giving him 21st century lingo and attitude. But just like in the first book, it doesn’t work for me because it is outside the normal parameters of the human psyche. People DO NOT CHANGE on demand. Just look at an older relative [or yourself as the case may be] to see how humans adjust to change. Some do better than others, given, but 2100 years of constant change will destroy a human unless they have an inner core identity [and most people don’t have a strong enough core to stand up to 2100 years.]

Thirdly, pop culture references. Pop culture changes to fast and to often to make so many references. Some went over my head. In 5-10 years[barely an eyeblink in literary terms], the target audience of this book will have little to no clue to at least half of the references. They are amusing to you and me, but will be a killer for anyone down the road. I know these are not meant to be ageless tomes alongside of Dickens and Dostoyevsky, but still, show a little longterm pride.

Ok, now that I’ve written everything I didn’t like, here’s my like.

Vampires trying to swear/talk slang. I laughed so hard that I had tears in my eyes.

Overall, a good action story. Lose the sex and faked “will he or won’t he” romance angle and you have an enjoyable man story.


Iron Druid Chronicles #1
by Kevin Hearne
Ebook, 239 Pages
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


I classified this as “Urban Fantasy”, but after thinking about it, I think it really comes down more in the “Para-normal” camp.

I hate & despise paranormal.

But a couple of my guy friends here on GR had given it high scores, so I had to try it.

It was ok. Atticus came across as a 200 year old badass, not some 2100 year old. I don’t know if having the hormones and body of a 21 year old for 2000+ years does that to one, or what, but he did NOT seem that old.

Someone that old is going to have scars, emotional and mental, that can’t just be shrugged off and ignored. Maybe it came from his usually running away? But if that were the case, he wouldn’t have fought like he did in this book.

So a pretty good story. I definitely would have given it 4 stars, but for all the beautiful women who just can’t seem to ignore him. It was completely ridiculous. Utterly gratuitous descriptions of goddesses & boink-worthy barmaids added nothing to the story and in fact detracted from the seriousness of the situation.

We’ll see how the rest of the trilogy turns out.